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05 January 2016

The Hateful Eight & Tarantino’s Phallic Legacy.

By // Cinema

[Editor’s Note: I shouldn’t need to warn you about language and “adult themes” in an editorial about The Hateful Eight but… yeah] When Quentin Tarantino burst onto the scene with …

18 May 2015

The End of Mad Men

By // TV

This recap series has been dedicated to one thing, detailing the events leading up to last night’s episode. From the moment a television show takes off the conversation about the …

11 May 2015

Mad Men: The Milk and Honey Route

By // TV

As the second to last episode of Mad Men began it was hard to ignore the title card that appeared on my Tivo. The Milk and Honey Route. This week’s …

04 May 2015

Mad Men: Lost Horizon

By // TV

There are only two episodes left in the entirety of Mad Men and while that alone is a depressing thing to write Matt Weiner served us another episode full of …

28 April 2015

Mad Men: Time & Life

By // TV

As we cruise through the final episodes of Mad Men it’s important to note the on going theme of recollection. Where have we been? What brought us here? That probably …

20 April 2015

Mad Men: The Forecast

By // TV

Mad Men is back! I mean, it’s been back for two episodes but last night you felt the last season hit its stride. We got full helpings of Don, Betty, …

13 April 2015

Mad Men: New Business

By // TV

For an episode that opens with Don Draper making chocolate milkshakes things sure took a dark turn as Don spends another episode yearning for a life that could have been …

17 July 2014


By // Cinema

Somewhere in the two-hours and forty-two minutes of Richard Linklater’s masterpiece you’ll find your mind wandering. Not because it’s boring or not engrossing but because Boyhood is a movie about …

06 September 2012

Tony Scott, a Retrospective

By // Cinema

The week before my eighth birthday the only thing I wanted more than a new bicycle was to see Crimson Tide.  It was early May and I distinctly remember the …

04 August 2012

Sexy Drug Porn For Surrealists

By // Cinema

Oliver Stone’s Savages is his best work in years.  Or so the poster says.  Given the slump Stone has been in since 2004’s epic failure Alexander, that’s not saying much.  The …

08 July 2012

Ted; or how I learned to shut my brain off and laugh

By // Cinema

While this seems like the ultimate “White Whine,” sometimes watching and reviewing films can be difficult.  Sure there are days when the movies sucks or they’re spectacular, or you had …

29 June 2012

A Really Sad Funny Film or a Really Funny Sad Film?

By // Cinema

Fresh off the indie hit Humpday, writer/director Lynn Shelton thrusts into the spotlight with Your Sister’s Sister.  The basic premise lies in the trailer but for time’s sake we’ll summarize …

22 June 2012

2012: The Year of Assault on Children

By // Cinema

In a year when one of the top films pits kids against each other in an arena, where the world watches central Pennsylvania as one of the most grotesque pedophilia …

30 April 2012

Second Opinion: 21 Jump Street

By // Cinema

When you sit down to watch a buddy cop film you know what to expect; two mismatched partners find friendship as they solve an important case and involve themselves in …

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