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18 April 2012


By // Cinema

We all remember the distinct times in our lives where someone has put us down, excluded us, or made us feel like we do not belong.  I can remember noogies …

31 March 2012

In Defense Of Growing Up

By // Cinema

For me, the greatest kid’s film in the world was made in 1985 and starred a rag-tag group of adolescents trying to save their town from greedy country club owners.  …

15 March 2012

Top 20 St. Patty’s Day Movies (and drinks)

By // Cinema

20. The Magdelene Sisters – Water.  For the Nuns. 19. Breakfast On Pluto  – Traditional: Guinness with a dash of Blackberry Currant Juice and a Brown sugar rim 18. Five …

11 March 2012

Plant a Tree. Seriously.

By // Cinema

The Lorax is one of my favorite Dr. Seuss stories.  It’s a morality tale, a sort of new-age parable about appreciating what you have and taking care of what you’ve …

07 March 2012

High School, Or Something Unlike It

By // Cinema

Throw out everything you know about Found Footage films.  Throw it out.  From a realm that used to rely on realism and a medium that thrived on narratives as close …

23 February 2012

Idea Of Valor

By // Cinema

I was extremely excited when I got a special sneak preview of Act Of Valor, the highly promoted film starring actual Navy SEALS and based on “real life” scenarios they …

08 February 2012

Superbowl Gambling of the Peripheral Sort

By // Sports

I hate New England.  I hate New England so much it makes me forget how much I hate New York.  The life of an NFL fan is a tough one, …

05 February 2012

Cody and Reitman Grow Up with Young Adult

By // Cinema

Recent films rely on one convention.  It’s sad but almost every Hollywood film is about character redemption.  We love seeing someone with a problem they must overcome.  We love going …

28 January 2012

Jason’s Own Oscars

By // Cinema

The Academy Awards are always a hotly debated item.  Nominees are frequently the result of campaigning, elbow rubbing, and politicking.  That being said, I decided to go against the grain …

26 January 2012

Live like a Lion, Die like a man.

By // Sports

There will be a ten-hour viewing for Joe Paterno and not enough people will get to say goodbye.  There will be countless memorials, television specials, and I am fairly certain …

19 January 2012

Soderbergh goes Haywire

By // Cinema

Few modern directors have the skill and precision to nail both large budget genre film and tiny indie projects. Steven Soderbergh embodies the concept of versatility with his second released …

12 January 2012

We Bought A Zoo

By // Cinema

Cameron Crowe seems a long way away from his glory days in the late nineties/early oughts with this wishy-washy family film. The premise involves Matt Damon as a single father …

11 January 2012

MI4: Ghost Protocol

By // Cinema

Brad Bird, the man behind such films as The Incredibles and Ratatouille, shifts from the realm of animation to live action for the fourth installment of the Mission Impossible franchise. …

11 January 2012

The Tree Of Life

By // Cinema

I’m not sure Terrence Malick believes in God but he most certainly believes in the power of cinema. After sitting through the two-and-a-half hour non-linear story of existence and how …

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