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24 August 2014

Jon Favreau’s Chef

By // Cinema

Much like the Cubanos and three-cheese Paninis created throughout the film, Chef warms the soul like a favorite comfort food. The underlying story of the film revolves around reuniting a …

01 July 2014

Flash Boys by Michael Lewis

By // Books

“The U.S. financial markets had always been either corrupt or about to be corrupted,” writes Michael Lewis in his new book Flash Boys. The shadow-casting book about high frequency traders …

21 February 2014

Ocean’s Monuments Men

By // Cinema

Despite having the deadly combination of an inspiring true story and a remarkable cast, The Monuments Men has that all-too-familiar feel of a Hallmark movie-of-the-week. George Clooney stars, directs, and …

02 February 2014

Stage to Screen Adaptation- August: Osage County

By // Cinema

Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Chris Cooper, Ewan McGregor, and Sam Shepard lead the remarkable ensemble that pick and drag their self-centered, infectious bodies through the captious county of Osage in …

24 January 2014

Dallas Buyers Club

By // Cinema

“Let me give y’all a little news flash,” begins Ron Woodroof, after being diagnosed with HIV. “There ain’t nothin’ out there can kill Ron Woodroof in thirty days.” Matthew McConaughey …

19 November 2013

Charlie Countryman

By // Cinema

It’s difficult to determine if there is simply an ingredient missing or if something is wrong with the entire recipe. In Charlie Countryman, originally titled The Necessary Death of Charlie …

16 November 2013

Redford, alone in All is Lost

By // Cinema

Following up his pre-financial crisis film, Margin Call, writer-director J.C. Chandor’s second film, All is Lost, hits indie theaters like a storm. The film opens with a voice over and …

02 October 2013

Breaking Bad, In the End

By // TV

With most shows, viewers spend countless hours discussing possible endings for the series. With Breaking Bad, however, there were certain truths that had to happen and most of us were …

28 September 2013

Breaking Bad 5.15 “Granite State”

By // TV

The penultimate Breaking Bad launches with Saul entering his own version of witness protection. Played by Robert Forster (Jackie Brown, Mulholland Drive), Ed sets up Saul with a new identity …

26 September 2013

Dexter, Series Finale (+ DVD Update)

By // TV

Over the past few episodes, Dexter fans have been forced to ride a range of emotions. While a roller coaster of heart-pumping reactions are expected from a series finale, the …

19 September 2013

Dexter 8.11 “Monkey In A Box”

By // TV

With one episode left to go, it appears that Dexter has deluded himself into thinking that everything will work out for a perfect Argentina ending. If he had been able …

17 September 2013

Breaking Bad 5.14 “Ozymandias”

By // TV

Designed to remind us of how far we’ve come, “Ozymandias” begins with a flashback. Before things got so complicated, Walter and Jesse cooked in a Winnebago in the middle of …

12 September 2013

Dexter 8.10 “Goodbye Miami”

By // TV

Dexter Morgan is dangerously close to leaving Miami. As personal fans, viewers are torn between seeing our hero slay the evil Oliver Saxon to protect Dr. Vogel and seeing him …

11 September 2013

Breaking Bad 5.13 “To’Hajiilee”

By // TV

Breaking Bad is arguably one of the greatest shows on television. This week, the writing staff and creators have actually topped themselves with one of the best episodes they have …

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