17 July 2013

Pilot Watch: Orange is the New Black

By // TV

I complain a lot about women in film and tv. I complain a lot about the lack of varied interpretation and interesting characters – about the fact that “women’s shows” …

15 October 2012

Showtime 2012 Part I, Series Wrap Up: Weeds

By // TV

In its final season, Weeds got back to basics in a lot of ways. It’s been 8 very long years with the Botwins but ultimately it’s been 8 pretty good …

20 June 2012

Weeds: The Beginning of the End

By // TV

When season 8 of Jenji Kohan’s criminal sitcom Weeds hits Showtime at 10pm on July 1st, it’ll be the last start for the notorious Botwin clan. Heading into the hit’s …

27 September 2011

Season Wrap Up: Weeds

By // TV

Weeds is a rocky ride of a show. From the superb first 3 seasons to the terrible 4th and 5th to the more-than-redeeming riot that was season 6, being committed …

09 January 2011

The Terrible Person Brigade

By // TV

Cable TV is the home of terrible people. That’s not to say that some of the people on network aren’t horrible too (Addison Montgomery is a hypocritically terrible person, whereas …

02 January 2011

The Evolution of Weeds

By // TV

The strange story that is Weeds doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s oddly popular though almost no one thinks it’s very good any more; only a couple of the …


29 July 2009

A Mature Mother

By // TV

The latest episode of Weeds took a turn for the serious…and it was a homerun. For the first time in 5 seasons, I did not laugh out load once. Sure, …


18 July 2009

A Severe Case of Contact High

By // TV

As much as a tv fanatic I claim to be, there are still very few shows I can watch non-stop for hours without becoming slightly bored. It’s seldom that I …


09 June 2009

I Unintentionally Lied To You All!

By // TV

In my post about Season 4 of Weeds, I said that the premier of Season 5 wasn’t until later in June. I was mistaken. It was last night. And Showtime …

06 June 2009

Weeds Season Four: A Very Late Season in Review

By // TV

As a show, Weeds has always kind of existed within its own little airtight moral vacuum. Sure, we, as the audience, could, like Nancy, often justify her early decisions, but …

15 December 2008

My Tv Crushes (and my Triumphant Debut on My TV)

By // TV

I’ve decided to do my first blog post as an addendum to Kelly’s earlier Crush list, because there’s some tv-shows that even the great Ms. Kelly hasn’t gotten into and …

05 May 2008

Oops… I forgot one.

By // TV

Contrary to popular opinion, I am, at times, fallible. One of these failures occurred a couple hours ago when I posted a list of my favourite TV opening credit sequences …

11 October 2006

What Happened to The Reign of Sitcoms?

By // TV

Once upon a time there was a multitude of great television encapsulated into succinct 23 minute installments. This was when sitcoms ruled the airways… not in syndication. My TV obsession …

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