In my post about Season 4 of Weeds, I said that the premier of Season 5 wasn’t until later in June. I was mistaken. It was last night. And Showtime is currently offering it for free on their website.
It was a pretty solid Season Premier, but reviewing individual episodes of Weeds would just turn into a weekly recap of bad Nancy decisions, funny Andy quips, and the new lows Shane and Silas are at, so I’ll keep this brief. I’m not hating (yet) the show’s portrayal of “in love” Andy, and hope they keep it at this sort of catatonic quiet. Shane appears to have aged seven years in between Season 4 and 5 (although it’s not quite as jarring as the change between 3 and 4) but I’m actually grateful for this because it makes it a little less creepy to watch. I’m looking forward to meeting Nancy’s sister and finding out if all this craziness is genetic (guest star Jennifer Jason Leigh, starting next week). This episode was especially funny, even if it wasn’t huge on plot developments.

Okay one funny Andy quip of the week:“You finked and they know it, don’t they? And now they’re just playing with you. You’re a cat toy! And they’re cats, Mexican cats. Gatos!”