The latest episode of Weeds took a turn for the serious…and it was a homerun. For the first time in 5 seasons, I did not laugh out load once. Sure, there were amusing sub-plots focusing on Celia’s make-up sales and Doug and Silas’ confiscated pot. But “Distinctive Horns” was an amazing episode due to maturity…something we don’t see a lot from Weeds.

We finally see Andy stick up for himself to Nancy. Not only did he help her run away from Esteban to have her baby on the record, but now she requests he pretend to be the father. Granted, Nancy was forced into pretending Esteban has no relation to the new child, but she knows how Andy feels about her and it’s downright selfish for her to assume he’d be okay as the stand-in father. The whole situation becomes all the more heartbreaking when Nancy breaks down and says, “Andy I don’t have anybody else.” Andy leaves Nancy, and the audience, with a quote we all wish Nancy would have heard years ago: “Whose fault is that?”

At last, Alanis Morissette gets her story line expanded past the delivery doctor arc. Andy takes her out on an awkward date after he shaves off his beard and decides to move on in life. The date goes horrible wrong and ends with the doc taking Andy to stop playing doctor and be one. This finally brings Andy to the realization that he too isn’t perfect. He may have grown up a lot but he has not quite reached his maturity yet. Thus, our fun-loving, childish Andy puts aside his feelings for Nancy and takes on the responsible role of father to the latest edition of the Botwin clan.

The episode ends with Esteban storming in to find Andy holding his child. In a moment of clarity and extreme maturity, Nancy (for the moment at leas) chooses Andy over Esteban when she tells the biological father why Andy is so much better than he will ever be: “that pendejo sticks around, he fights for what he loves, and he’s not a coward.” Nancy explains that she is doing the best thing for her child by kicking Esteban out, and he reponds by telling her to do what’s best for herself. Oh dear Esteban, if you knew Nancy well enough you would know she’s been thinking about herself for five years now. This is the first time she clearly puts a child before anything (money, drugs, and especially men). So congrats to Nancy Botwin for learning exactly what it means to be a mother, for once.

On another sidenote, it seems like Lupita is back for good. No only is Lupita a great houskeeper and chef for the Botwins, but she provides a much needed sarcasm to the show. It’s nice to see one of the best original castmembers return and I hope it sticks.