Kelly Bedard

I hated Veep when it premiered back in 2012. Armando Ianucci’s biting satire of American democracy felt to me like useless cynicism, a crass comedy of bad behaviour like It’s Always Sunny without the insight. Veep grew into itself in season two and I at least started to intellectually appreciate its style even if I […]

  Kelly Bedard

This was a great year of TV. It was a massively terrible year for network TV with few new hits and tons of stupid cancellations (6 shows on this list have already been cancelled or are in their final season) but it was still a great year of TV because, while the executives were making […]

  Kevin Dillon

1-Fargo (F/X) I was hesitant to start this show, and after the first episode was a mirror image of the events from the film, I stopped watching. After hearing some buzz to the contrary, I pushed forward as the show had come to an end, and boy was I glad. Fargo was a fantastic twist […]

  Zach Drummer

In the second instalment of a just now conceived three-part examination of HBO Sunday – the most juggernaut line-up since Must-See-TV NBC Thursday contained Friends, Seinfeld and George Clooney ER – allow me to bite off a little more than I should chew. During the hour and a half that precedes Silicon Valley, which continues […]

  Rachael Nisenkier

When Veep first premiered, Kelly took the show to task for being endlessly cynical and overusing “shocking” profanity. She also admitted to being a West Wing-raised idealist. I’ve never seen The West Wing (a pop culture omission that makes me feel only slightly less ashamed than the fact that I’ve never seen Jaws), but I would […]

  Kelly Bedard

Full Disclosure: I’m a West Wing-raised political idealist. I believe in the determination to do good and the advancement of the smart kids. So I found Veep kind of depressing. It’s a behind-the-scenes story of a non-partisan Vice President (aka primary loser) whose staff is as useless and self-obsessed as she is. Come on, people, […]