16 May 2019

The Absurd Trajectory of the Prophetic Veep

By // TV

I hated Veep when it premiered back in 2012. Armando Ianucci’s biting satire of American democracy felt to me like useless cynicism, a crass comedy of bad behaviour like It’s …

31 December 2014

Kelly’s 25 Favourite TV Shows of 2014

By // TV

This was a great year of TV. It was a massively terrible year for network TV with few new hits and tons of stupid cancellations (6 shows on this list …

30 December 2014

Kevin’s Top 10 TV Shows of 2014

By // TV

1-Fargo (F/X) I was hesitant to start this show, and after the first episode was a mirror image of the events from the film, I stopped watching. After hearing some …

22 May 2014

HBO Sunday: Dany and Selena

By // TV

In the second instalment of a just now conceived three-part examination of HBO Sunday – the most juggernaut line-up since Must-See-TV NBC Thursday contained Friends, Seinfeld and George Clooney ER …

12 June 2012

Season Wrap Up: Veep

By // TV

When Veep first premiered, Kelly took the show to task for being endlessly cynical and overusing “shocking” profanity. She also admitted to being a West Wing-raised idealist. I’ve never seen …

30 April 2012

Pilot Watch: Veep

By // TV

Full Disclosure: I’m a West Wing-raised political idealist. I believe in the determination to do good and the advancement of the smart kids. So I found Veep kind of depressing. …

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