Matt Dodge

“I will not be a failure!” The entire point of advertising is to convince people that they want things, even if they don’t know why. This episode of Mad Men deals with all of its characters working towards their own desires, even when those desires are harmful. Don and Pete are both chasing after a […]

  Saiya Floyd

Spoilers below!  ‘Cold War’ is the latest Doctor Who episode this season to harken back to the show’s early days by bringing back a Classic Who monster, the Ice Warriors. Although the episode had some strong moments, ultimately it was filled with forgettable characters and a weak conclusion. Taking place on a submarine in 1983, […]

  Kelly Bedard

Back in 2008, Kelly and Rachael recorded the highest rated episode of the original MyTV Podcast- The Buffy/Angel Special, looking back on two of their favourite series, how they compared, how they aged and how they changed TV forever. Despite the atrocious audio quality, we thought we’d share it with you as part of our […]

  Rachael Nisenkier

So it’s finally over. The semi-epic ride that was Battlestar Galactica‘s 4 seasons is done; no more big cylon reveals, no more coming back from the dead, no more hallucinogens/angels, and especially no more gratuitous naked shots of Jaime Baumber. It’s a sad state of affairs. So how’d it go out? Well, I’m of two minds […]