Vyasar Ganesan

“Battle of the Bastards,” the most recent episode in the sixth season of Game of Thrones, has me thinking about fathers. Well, not fathers, specifically (the word “bastard” implies the absence of fathers, usually, although in the case of our particular bastards, it’s mothers who are the mystery), but loved ones, family members, usually parents […]

  Vyasar Ganesan

This is a story about honor. A man marries a woman from a powerful family. That man’s wealth and status rise significantly as a result, and places him among a different bracket of rivals, rivals with just as much power if not more. He tries to live a good and true life, but in the […]

  Vyasar Ganesan

It’s hard to develop a sense of foreboding in Game of Thrones. This series has been nothing but foreshadowing, ominous vibes, constant hints of death and threats and the overarching “winter is coming” proclamation. People are always swearing vengeance here, giving grand speeches there, rallying the countryside for an all-out assault that never quite takes […]

  Kelly Bedard

That’s it, the network TV season is over. I would ask how you felt about it but, let’s be honest, you don’t watch network TV anymore. You watch Game of Thrones and, if you’re really cool, you maybe downloaded Horace & Pete (if you haven’t, you should). You’re a young, busy, hip person; you don’t […]

In the past two weeks, Penny Dreadful had one of its strongest episodes to date, and one of its weakest ones. “A Blade of Grass” was pure artistry, while “This World is Our Hell” was, well…not. To be fair, “A Blade of Grass” set the bar so high, whatever followed was almost sure to disappoint. […]

“Blood of My Blood” is the title of this week’s episode. This refers to the Dothraki expression used by khals to their bloodriders, the three chosen warriors who follow their leader into battle. Specifically, it refers to their bond, a sort of blood-brothers type linkage that signifies the martial creed and the filial connections therein. […]

  Rachael Nisenkier

I don’t think there are enough words in the English language to design how revolutionary watching Grace and Frankie can feel. There are actual honest to God sexy sex scenes featuring septuagenarians. Septuagenarian WOMEN. There are long conversations about vagina lubricant and feeling invisible after 50 and the difference between alzheimers and normal 70 year […]

Dear readers, I cried during Game of Thrones last night. This was new for me. In my time watching the series, I’ve laughed, shouted, danced, …