Micro-Review Walking Dead Season Three is a bit of a departure for the series, taking the focus…

  Colin Munch

It’s the 50th anniversary of Star Trek and I celebrated by playing so much Star Trek: Online. Also, a bunch of Destiny. Star Trek: Online As someone who’s been playing video games since the early nineties, I’m used to turning games into what I want them to be. Most modern games are stuffed with fully […]

  Tim Collins

When a show like Fear the Walking Dead premieres, it’s hard not to draw comparisons to its original inspiration (especially when the two are just one word different from one another). With four episodes under the belt, this spinoff is one that could potentially be as successful but I’m not quite sold just yet..but almost. […]

  Joseph Woodward

If you’ve ever played another Telltale Games title, you already know what you’re in for with The Walking Dead Season Two: Amid the Ruins. What’s on the menu is an amazing penultimate episode with some amazing storytelling that tugs on the heartstrings of players and builds up to the story’s ultimate ending episode. Playing through […]

  Matt Dodge

Rick and his group have finally made it to Terminus, and the end of another season, but The Walking Dead isn’t about to let the survivors relax for even a minute. Opening with a simultaneous flashforward/flashback, Rick sits in front of a dilapidated car, his hands and face covered in blood. All of a sudden […]

  Matt Dodge

There’s an expression everyone gets taught when they’re children: two wrongs don’t make a right. On The Walking Dead, however, it seems like 47 wrongs do make a big sappy, tear-filled happy right. After three episodes with the lead character, Rick finally makes an appearance as he and Michonne make their way done the train […]

  Matt Dodge

Crazy Lizzie killed Mika so Carol shot her in the head. There. No burying the lead, no pontificating about the small details that highlight the degradation of society, no sarcastic nicknames. The Walking Dead is now show where kids kill kids and get shot in head. Remember when Zombie Sophia shuffled out of the barn […]

  Matt Dodge

This week on The Walking Dead, the splinter groups split up again, and everyone did a lot of walking, go figure. Beth and Daryl have kept trekking through the woods in search of shelter to replace the perfectly good house they burned down. This is the first time in ages that People’s Champion Daryl Dixon […]