19 September 2009

Thursday Night Hilarity

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The Office Sometimes, The Office is just so pitch-perfect that it shocks me. Tonight’s premier episode comfortably, brilliantly straddled the line between Michael’s awkward neediness, Jim and Pam’s happiness, and …

29 August 2009

Emily Blunt Has Good Taste

By // TV

Not only was the British actress the woman who tamed my beloved Michael Buble (he may or may not have broken her heart, but I love him anyway) but now …


22 June 2009

Sad and Strange TV News

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Starting with the sad, Emmy-winning/nominated actors Bradley Whitford (The West Wing, Studio 60) and Jane Kaczmarek (Malcolm in the Middle) filed for divorce on Friday; August would have been the …

05 June 2009

Season Wrap Up: The Office

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The best way to describe the 5th season of The Officewould be bittersweet. Everything from the season premiere that saw Jim coping with life in a Pam-less Scranton to the …

16 May 2009

The Office: Company Picnic

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This week’s season finale of The Office was pure, unadulterated joy. From Andy’s crush on Erin, to Dwight and Angela’s mini-reconciliation, to Stanley’s drunken glee, it had happiness and hope …


02 May 2009

Where Will it Go?

By // TV

I love The Office. I used to be able to say it was one of my favorite shows. And although it’s not one of my favorites anymore, I do like …

20 March 2009

I’ve Never Been Hang Gliding, Either.

By // TV

Tonight’s Office was a lot darker than the past couple of weeks. For awhile, I was supremely annoyed, feeling as though this episode was built on Michael getting into the …

13 March 2009

Thursday Night Comedy Block = Yawnsville

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The Office and 30 Rock, after both having strong showings last week, were sort of underwhelming tonight. The Office‘s plot was pretty weak, in particular. After Michael’s misguided, Willy Wonka-inspired …

06 March 2009

There are a lot of Princesses out there, with a lot of different sized feet. And hands.

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Some weeks, The Office is more like a laughathon. It’s high concept and the guffaws come closely together. And most of the time that’s okay with me, but it’s always …

11 February 2009


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┬áIt’s that time of year again. Flower prices are skyrocketing, restaurant reservations are hard to come by, jewelry stores are bustling and all around North America people are wishing that …


02 February 2009

Post-Superbowl Supersizing

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Tonight’s post-superbowl supersized episode of The Officesomehow managed to remind me that the show has lost it’s way while also reassuring me that the things that I loved about it …

24 January 2009

Thursday Night TV by the Numbers

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6 Actors Who Shone This Week Michael Urie (Ugly Betty), Joel Grey (Private Practice), Chandra Wilson (Grey’s Anatomy), Ana Ortiz (Ugly Betty), Jane Krakowski (30 Rock), Amy Brenneman (Private Practice). …


05 December 2008

A “Surplus” of Funny

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So far, NBC’s Thursday Night Lineup is 2 for 2. The Officewas pretty kickbutt as well. Let’s start with the A story: the surplus. The cold open was hilarious, extra …

22 November 2008

In My Office Dreams

By // TV

In my Office dreams…. Pam really does like the house Jim bought. She also really didn’t like graphic design and is not giving up her life to be with Jim. …

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