“I’m not jealous”- Troy is jealous of Jeff’s dinner with his best friend Abed. (Community)


Shirley as Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction. (Community)


“I want you take this money and buy a book, it’s called ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’!”- Vance tries to help out a stripper at his bachelor party. (Perfect Couples)


Leigh and Rex call each other every half hour to gossip about their respective parties. (Perfect Couples)


“You’re not smart”- Leigh to Dave after he spills his darkest secrets to the whole room trying to head off Vance’s threat of revealing them on Julia’s voicemail. The voicemail says “Dave, you are your own worst enemy”. (Perfect Couples)


Moments of transcendence. (Perfect Couples)


“Now you’ve hurt me twice” -Vance after Dave calls his wife his best friend, explaining why he told her Vance’s secret. (Perfect Couples)


“THAT is Dallas” – Kevin swindles Andy and Darell out of their money by faking a fit during a game of Dallas the board game where they’ve been inventing all the rules. (The Office)


Hundreds of candles set off the sprinklers during Michael’s adorable proposal to Holly. (The Office)


“It’s called the ground when it’s outside”- Ron after Ben says he’ll sleep on the floor while camping. (Parks and Recreation)


Tom watches season 6 of Top Chef (the Voltaggio season) in his high tech tent. (Parks and Recreation)


Leslie tries to come up with her next great idea while listening to “Steal my Sunshine” (Parks and Recreation)


“Is it TNT? Are Rizzoli and Isles friends in real life?”- Liz wonders what new channel Jack’s acquired for Cabletown. (30 Rock)


“I don’t know if my tone is conveying my fury about this but I am, pardon my french, bonjour. Now, that’s a joke, but I am really really mad” – Hank, the head of Cabletown about Jack’s new channel acquisition. “It’s okay Jack, you made a bad decision and bought something you didn’t understand- like when I bought tickets for Black Swan. Remember when a movie was just a fellow in a hat running away from a fellow with no hair?” (30 Rock).


AN AARON SORKIN WALK AND TALK!- see previous post. (30 Rock).