25 August 2016

SDCC ’16: Inside the Rick & Morty Press Room

By // TV

Helmed by Justin Roiland (who also voices both main characters) and Community messiah Dan Harmon, Rick & Morty’s zero-fucks-given absurd humour…

06 February 2014

Looking Back at The Fall of Troy

By // TV

Community is back to its comedic roots, but not without some key losses along the way. Last season, we lost Pierce (Chevy Chase) and this season, Pierce died and took …

02 February 2014

All The Goodbyes

By // TV

When an actor leaves a long-running TV series before its natural conclusion, it’s generally not a good thing. Sure, there are some series so long-lived that turnover is not only …

05 January 2014

Community Season 5 Premiere

By // TV

Of all the shows that walk the fine line of will-it-or-won’t-it get cancelled, Community is the one I’ll never understand. It’s about as smart a comedy as we get these …

07 December 2013

Childish Gambino – because the internet

By // Music

“enjoy” That’s what Donald Glover tweeted when his newest release because the internet leaked last night. There’s been a whole lot of hullabaloo circling around the rapper or the comedian or even maybe the …

19 November 2012

Comedy Block Face Off

By // TV

TV comedy is in a major phase right now. A shocking amount of the primetime network schedule is made up of sitcoms, while a fair number of hourlong comedies and …

03 May 2012

This Time, Last Week

By // TV

Thursday has always been a great night of TV. It’s the night on which NBC has been offering up the greatest sitcoms in history decade after decade (even if you’re …

07 April 2012

Pillows and Blankets: A Documentary of War

By // TV

Last night’s installment of the close-to-cancellation cult sitcom Community was the first in quite some time that reminded me why this show deserves another season. Community was once a groundbreaking …

29 November 2011

Save Community!

By // TV



08 June 2011

Obsession: Your Summer Abed Fix

By // TV

In case, like most TV-loving people, you’re terribly lonely and missing your favourite shows now that summer is upon us, Variety is here to save your day. Your best friend …

25 March 2011

NBC Thursday’s Best Jokes This Week

By // TV

“I’m not jealous”- Troy is jealous of Jeff’s dinner with his best friend Abed. (Community) Shirley as Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction. (Community) “I want you take this money …


14 February 2011

True Love: Other Stuff Edition

By // TV

It’s Valentine’s time and TV is in full romantic bloom. Here are our favourite romantic episodes of the week: 1) Glee  (We’ve covered this already. Twice) 2) Community (This too. …


14 February 2011

True Love: Community Edition

By // TV

Never was a story of truer love than that of Troy and Abed. This week’s Community Valentine’s Day episode shined a light on one of TV’s greatest friendships as Troy …

21 January 2011

Joke of the Week

By // TV

Malcolm Jamal Warner guest starred on Community this week. It was an okay episode, far from the best Community offering but still pretty good. But in a particularly Abed-light episode, …

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