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Adult Swim’s gonzo parallel dimension dark comedy Rick & Morty is the favourite show of basically every cool kid I know (actually cool, not “I like Game of Thrones cuz its cool” cool). Helmed by Justin Roiland (who also voices both main characters) and Community messiah Dan Harmon, Rick & Morty‘s zero-fucks-given absurd humour and all-the-fucks-given intellectual melancholy make it a subversive holyground for that specific brand of hip person who finds BoJack too obvious and the Belchers too sweet.

In the press room at San Diego Comic-Con, reporters got to talk to the writers and the actors behind Rick & Morty about what’s coming up for the show and whether the earth we know is truly the best dimension.

Writer/Creators: Justin Roiland, Ryan Ridley & Dan Harmon

Voice Actors: Spencer Grammer (Summer), Sarah Chalke (Beth) & Chris Parnell (Jerry)