San_Diego_Comic_Con_International-620x350We’re thrilled to be back at San Diego Comic-Con for the second year in a row!

From Thursday, July 21 to Sunday, July 24th, editors Kelly Bedard and Rachael Nisenkier will be hobnobbing with the stars and getting the scoop on all the best TV (and more) the con has on display.

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Exclusive Interviews

Scott Porter
Part 1: Friday Night Lights, Scorpion & “PoP! Goes My Heart”
Part 2: Survivor Strategy
Part 3: Video Games
Kelly spoke with the Friday Night Lights, Hart of Dixie, Good Wife & Scorpion star one-on-one about his career thus far, what’s to come, his avid love of gaming and his Survivor superfandom (how would he avoid being the merge boot? He and Jeff Probst have hatched a plan).

Christopher Gorham
The CW3PR “Gears, Green Screens & Gaming” press room was a treasure trove of interesting one-on-one conversations, including this one between Kelly and the TV crush that defined her middle school years. She kept it together through an exclusive interview with Harrison John himself, looking back on that breakthrough role in Popular then through his Ugly Betty and Covert Affairs years to present day, moderating the CW3PR panel and directing his first feature film.

Stephen Schwartz
You can tell a lot about a theatre lover by their favourite musical; Kelly’s is Wicked and this year at Comic-Con she quite unexpectedly found herself conducting an exclusive interview with the man behind the music: composer Stephen Schwartz. She only freaked out a little bit*. *Lies.

Elia Petridis
3D filmmaker Elia Petridis was one of the most interesting and delightful people we met all con. Sitting down one-on-one with Rachael, Elia explained the history and potential of the next big thing in cinematic art.

Drew Roy
The Falling Skies heartthrob moderated CW3PR’s Behind-the-Music panel, which brought him to the press room that followed and to a one-on-one conversation wherein Kelly got to ask him about the differences between the geek fandom of Falling Skies and the screaming teenage girl fandom that followed him around after a memorable stint as Miley Cyrus’ love interest on Hannah Montana.

Stern Pinball’s Jody Dankberg
Kelly and Rachael stopped by the Stern Pinball booth on the Comic-Con floor to try out the latest from the world’s biggest pinball machine company and get some exclusive insight from company rep Jody Dankberg.

TV Press Rooms

Mr. Robot
Videos from the press room where stars of the hit USA hacker drama made the rounds answering questions about the show’s second season and what the hell actually happened in season one.
Featuring: Rami Malek, Christian Slater, Carly Chaikin & Grace Gummer.

The creators and stars of USA Network’s grounded sci-fi drama stopped by the press room to talk about season two and ended up delving into the show’s philosophical, moral and personal themes. And speculating about the aliens, of course.
Featuring: Josh Holloway, Sarah Wayne Callies, Adrian Pasdar, Amanda Righetti, Tory Kittles, Peter Jacobson, Ryan Condal and Carlton Cuse.

We Bare Bears
Step inside the press room for the cutest show on TV, Cartoon Network’s refreshingly diverse and hilariously earnest We Bare Bears.
Featuring: Demetri Martin, Daniel Chong, Bobby Moynihan and Eric Edelstein.

The DC-TV press rooms are run like clockwork, they’d have to be with so much talent for us to talk to (6 actors and the showrunner). We got the scoop on the upcoming season of Arrow and how the ever-expanding spinoff universe will affect the show.
Featuring: Stephen Amell, Willa Holland, Emily Bett Rickards, David Ramsey, Paul Blackthorne, Echo Kellum & showrunner Wendy Mericle.

Rick & Morty
The absurd gross-out humour and high-minded tragedy of Rick & Morty makes it one of the most beloved niche shows on TV. Take a look inside the press room where we got to talk to the legendary Dan Harmon and his fellow insane geniuses.
Featuring: Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland, Ryan Ridley, Chris Parnell, Sarah Chalke & Spencer Grammer.

Powerpuff Girls
The writers and stars of the new Powerpuff Girls reboot love their show and are packed with energy. Step inside their comic-con press room for a dose of their infectious fun plus some serious talk about teaching young people that girls can be powerful and some not-so-serious talk about cats.
Featuring: Natalie Palamides, Amanda Leighton & Kristen Li, Nick Jennings, Bob Boyle, Haley Mancini & Jake Goldman

WGN’s brutal period piece Salem thrives at the intersection of history and fantasy – with a healthy heaping of sex and gore on top of it. We spoke to the cast & creators about the ramifications of season 2, what’s to come in season 3, and the hardest parts of consistently subjecting your cast to such horrific feats.
Featuring: Shane West, Janet Montgomery, Seth Gabel, Iddo Goldberg, Elise Eberle, Joe Doyle, Brannon Braga & Adam Simon.

Behind-the-Scenes & Standout Panels

Behind the Music: Crime, Death & Resurrection
Always one of our favourite events of the con, CW3PR’s annual TV composer press room gave Kelly the opportunity to sit down with the men behind the sound of Fargo, Mr. Robot, CSI: NY and more for exclusive insight into their work.
Featuring: Jeff Russo, Mac Quayle, Bill Brown & Christopher Drake

Gears, Green Screens & Gaming
The range of topics up for discussion in this fascinating press room (another great one hosted by CW3PR) was vast, touching on various elements of the gaming industry, visual effects and the more technical aspects of filmmaking. We got to speak one-on-one with the production designer for the Angry Birds movie, the Senior FX Artist behind World of Warcraft and the composer for Star Wars: The Old Republic.
Featuring: Pete Oswald, Eric Grimstein & Jesse Harlin

Breaking Badder: Suicide Squad and the Dawn of the Heroic Villain
We spend most of comic-con on the interview and press room circuit so we miss a lot of the panels on offer but we were so glad we caught this one, a fascinating and informative discussion of the psychology behind movie villains. FBI profiler Mark E. Safarik was particularly engaging, walking the crowd through different kinds of serial killers (psychopathic, psychotic and mercenary) and comparing real-life examples to their Suicide Squad counterparts. He joined Broadcast Thought’s Dr. Praveen R. Kambam and Dr. Vasilis K. Pozios in trying to explain why we’re so drawn to villainous characters. My favourite quotes: “We’re all somewhere in the middle [of heroism and villainy]; we’re all somewhat broken” and “The Joker helps us process the futility of trying to make sense of a senseless world”.

‘Crazy’ Talk: Mental Health, Pop Culture, and Empowerment
Broadcast Thought was the panel MVP of the con, hosting both “Breaking Badder” and this moving exploration of mental health in comics and genre fiction. Dr. Janina Scarlet, author of Superhero Therapy, was the show-stealer despite having to leave early. Her story was the ultimate testament to the power of comics: after having her health affected by Chernobyl, she discovered the X-Men and they made her feel like “less of a freak”; one of the most powerful things we heard all Con.

Europe vs USA: European and American Creators Meet
Comics creators and panelists Mathieu Reynès (France), Roger (Spain), Gabriel Hernandez Walta (Spain/USA), Jason Latour (USA), Andrew C Robinson (USA) each had interesting things to say about their craft but substandard moderator Calvin Reid hogged the limelight and failed to pull together any real narrative about cultural differences making this panel ultimately underwhelming.