25 August 2016

SDCC ’16: Inside the Rick & Morty Press Room

By // TV

Helmed by Justin Roiland (who also voices both main characters) and Community messiah Dan Harmon, Rick & Morty’s zero-fucks-given absurd humour…

15 December 2014

Gravity Falls 101 – Tourist Trapped

By // TV

Our season begins with our two protagonists, Mabel and Dipper, already fleeing from some great threat. One key element of this episode that was ditched in later episodes is Dipper’s …

21 November 2014

Gravity Falls: reviews intro and intro review

By // TV

I watch cartoons a lot. I mean, a lot a lot. In the past few years this love has been rewarded handsomely with a slew of great new content. But, …

03 April 2013

Pilot Watch: Newsreaders

By // TV

For the past three years, the Adult Swim network has quietly been creating a new model of broadcast television.  They produce parody sitcoms with a limited run time and next …

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