This week’s episode of The Office was an event; the wedding that fans and characters alike have been waiting for for years. In pleasing, disappointing and appropriate ways, the episode was perhaps the perfect one to celebrate the series’ history and identity.

In accordance with The Office‘s tendency towards broad and unfunny humour, Andy hurt his scrotum, Kevin wore both a toupee and Kleenex box shoes and Michael was grossly inappropriate and outlandish. On the upside of the comedy was the subtly funny new receptionist Erin, the small Kelly/Ryan moments, Jim’s humanizing slip-up about the pregnancy and Phyllis’ hat.

On the other side of the Office coin was the sweet sentimentality that has always been the heart of the show. The landmark episode that saw loyal fans rewarded after 5+ seasons of rooting for Jim and Pam, gave the two beloved characters their happily ever after in a perfectly fitting way.

The episode reminded fans why they fell in love with the couple in the first place; they’re low key yet somehow epic.

Not to give anything away, the lovely (if flawed) episode contained what I’m sure will be remembered as some of the series’ sweetest moments, which included:

– Jim’s (almost) perfect rehearsal dinner speech (John Krasinski, you may have just won yourself the “Marry Me” My TV Award)

– a beautiful scene featuring a tie and a veil (perfection by way of flaw= Jam personified)

– “plan A was marrying her a long time ago, pretty much the day I met her” + plans B and C

and (the best part)

– a montage of 2 cross-cut scenes of epic proportion, one being a beautiful character-perfect romantic moment and the other being a series-perfect tribute to a cultural phenomenon: the effect is the perfect mix of Office zaniness and sweetness that leaves you with a smile on your face.