Tonight’s Office episode was really pretty wonderful. Though Jim and Pam’s journey into parenthood started slow with them putting off going to the hospital, her cute food dates with Kevin helped the episode along until it started to pick up.

Once the ball was rolling on Pam finally having the baby, the episode turned into one of the best of the season.

Jim and Pam, in top form, were good for laughs and smiles as they navigated the waters of early parenthood and encountered some wonderfully awkward hijinks along the way.

Dwight and Angela devised a parent contract so they could procreate, drudging up some really poignant character detail that hasn’t been visited all season.

and (my favourite)

Andy finally asked Erin out. The tired series has been impressively revived since the arrival of the naively sweet and quirky receptionist and her pairing with golden-hearted Andy had me at the word “go”. The pairing’s final scene of the episode made for some wonderful television and I can’t wait to see more from them.

It truly was a lovely hour spent in The Office this week.