It’s Valentine’s time and TV is in full romantic bloom. Here are our favourite romantic episodes of the week:


1) Glee 
(We’ve covered this already. Twice)


2) Community
(This too. Just once)


3) Modern Family
The reprisal of Clyve and Juliana, Gloria turning Valentine’s day into a competition, Manny’s quest for Hayley’s love, Cam and Mitchell’s jealous search for attention, the triumphant return of Dylan! Brilliant.


4) Raising Hope
It wasn’t romance, it was bromance, but it was awesome. “Romeo and Romeo” was the hilarious story of two star-crossed single dads in desperate need of a friend. Hilarity ensued.


5) 30 Rock
Not overtly Valentines-themed but based almost completely on couples when the show almost never is, this week’s 30 Rock saw the return (and dismissal) of my (and everyone else’s) beloved Matt Damon (seriously, who doesn’t love this guy?!).


6) The Office
An awkward (but cheeky) Pam and Jim plot and a sweet but strange one for Michael and Holly made this episode of the office slightly above average. What made it significantly above average (at least for the current season) was Erin’s Valentines treasure hunt. It was designed for her by the wonderfully deadpan new character Gabe and followed by my favourite character in the office, Erin, and her endearing ex Andy. It was sweet, it was melancholy, and it disrupted the office wonderfully (the scene with Darryl is classic).