03 July 2014

Season One Sitcom Round-Up

By // TV

This was a tough year for sitcoms. On one hand, there were more terrible new comedies this year than in any other season in recent memory (Dads, Sean Saves the …

18 September 2013

‘FOX Needs Men!’ (Says Tuesday) / Pilot Watch: Dads

By // TV

It all started with New Girl. Well, actually it started a year earlier when FOX decided to pair the massive hit/obnoxious trainwreck Glee with two new sitcoms, one of which …

19 November 2012

Comedy Block Face Off

By // TV

TV comedy is in a major phase right now. A shocking amount of the primetime network schedule is made up of sitcoms, while a fair number of hourlong comedies and …

17 February 2012

Valentine’s Day on TV: Exhibits E-K

By // TV

Rachael’s already talked about the phenomenal Valentine’s Day episodes from New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Up All Night and (my personal favourite) The Middle. But the schmoopiest holiday …

08 November 2011

Talking to Fox: Raising Hope

By // TV

Up next in our 4-part “Talking to Fox” conference call series is Lucas Neff and Greg Garcia from the quirky family comedy¬†Raising Hope. Executive producer Garcia gives the scoop on …

23 March 2011

Obsessions of Right Now

By // TV

Josh Zuckerman on 90210 Naomi, hilariously, may not have been able to reconcile having a crush on sweet science nerd Max right away, but I’ve loved the actor who plays …


14 February 2011

True Love: Other Stuff Edition

By // TV

It’s Valentine’s time and TV is in full romantic bloom. Here are our favourite romantic episodes of the week: 1) Glee¬† (We’ve covered this already. Twice) 2) Community (This too. …


01 October 2010

Thoughts on The New Fall Sitcoms

By // TV

We’re two weeks into the new television season, just far enough to start really forming opinions about the new shows. This season has 6 new network sitcoms on the docket …

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