30 August 2016

The Night Of: The Conclusions We Draw

By // TV

When a show ends, we expect it to answer questions. There are, of course, famous examples of shows that leave questions without answers: Lost, Heroes, 24, The West Wing, The …

24 August 2016

The Night Of: There Are No “Ordinary Deaths”

By // TV

The season finale of The Night Of is coming around the bend. It’s so soon, it seems unreal, despite how long the individual episodes run (one hour and twenty minutes, …

21 August 2016

The Night Of: A Foreigner Carrying a Knife in the Pocket of his Jacket

By // TV

There is a book, by Amitava Kumar, called “A Foreigner Carrying in the Crook of His …

13 August 2016

The Night Of: Dark Depths, Dark Crates

By // TV

Perhaps more telling of our generation than the procedural crime drama is the prison story. Jailbreaks, great escapes, masterful duels between the jailed and the jailers are sources of endless …

03 August 2016

The Night Of: The Moves and Magic of a “Subtle Beast”

By // TV

This may have been my favorite episode of the show. Granted, it’s only the 2nd airing of The Night Of, and granted, John Turturro steals the show every chance he …

30 July 2016

The Night Of: What Happens on “The Beach”

By // TV

In the long and decorated history of the procedural crime drama, there have been shows, movies and series which go far and beyond the standard pale. In our recent era, …

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