09 August 2012

The Newsroom: “5/1”

By // TV

I’ve heard this episode maligned a little bit but I really think The Newsroom has very clearly found its footing. After the triumph that was “Bullies” last week, “5/1” found …

31 July 2012

The Newsroom: “Bullies”

By // TV

“Bullies” was the darkest Newsroom episode yet as Sorkin used an insomnia-prompted therapy session to explore a bit more of the darkness in his principal “hero”. The format is a …

24 July 2012

The Newsroom: “Amen”

By // TV

This week’s installment of The Newsroom was my favourite since the pilot. With a news story big enough to force intensity, Will and Mack set aside their monumental issues at …

16 July 2012

The Newsroom: “I’ll Try To Fix You”

By // TV

This was a frustrating episode that I was prepared to mostly slam, but it ended with a beautiful sequence set to Coldplay’s ever-emotional “Fix You” that was everything the show …

10 July 2012

The Newsroom: “The 112th Congress”

By // TV

The third episode of The Newsroom is essentially a six-month montage detailing how Will, Mackenzie and Co. covered the events leading up to the November 2010 mid-term elections (they downplayed …

03 July 2012

The Newsroom: “News Night 2.0”

By // TV

Aaron Sorkin’s Newsroom is not exactly popular with people who talk about television- most are bugged by the hyperstylized idealism, the show’s nostalgic insistence, and Sorkin’s own contentious personality. But …

24 June 2012

Pilot Watch: The Newsroom

By // TV

My expectations could not have been higher for The Newsroom. From A Few Good Men to Sports Night, The West Wing, The Social Network, all the way to The Farnsworth …

07 April 2012

Preview: The Newsroom

By // TV

In the “About You” section of my facebook page, under “Religion” it says “Aaron Sorkin”. See, when I first discovered Sports Night (Sorkin’s first TV series) I found, for the …

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