24 August 2016

SDCC ’16 Exclusive: Scott Porter talks Games

By // Games

The CW3PR “Gears, Green Screens & Gaming” panel at Comic-Con was co-moderated by gaming geek and games voice actor Scott Porter…

26 July 2016

SDCC Exclusive: Scott Porter talks FNL, Scorpion & More

By // TV

CLICK HERE to read our full coverage of San Diego Comic-Con 2016. One of TV (and Twitter!)’s most charming stars was at Comic-Con this year moderating a panel about video …

31 December 2014

Kelly’s 25 Favourite TV Shows of 2014

By // TV

This was a great year of TV. It was a massively terrible year for network TV with few new hits and tons of stupid cancellations (6 shows on this list …

30 December 2014

Kevin’s Top 10 TV Shows of 2014

By // TV

1-Fargo (F/X) I was hesitant to start this show, and after the first episode was a mirror image of the events from the film, I stopped watching. After hearing some …

19 November 2014

The Good Wife: The Politics of Politics

By // TV

Alicia and Frank, Cordial Enemies As Alicia is working to build an ad that will show who she is and the experience that she that qualifies her for States Attorney, …

03 November 2014

The Good Wife: Message Discipline

By // TV

Is there competition in the mix? As Alicia is moving forward in the race for States Attorney, potential competition arises from television named Frank Prady played by the very talented …

20 October 2014

The Good Wife: The Return of Elsbeth Tascione

By // TV

After a week off from re-capping- sorry, Aruba was calling my name- I am back and so is Carrie Preston, who plays Elsbeth Tascione, a fan favorite guest star on …

08 October 2014

The Good Wife: If I Ran, What’s the Plan?

By // TV

All throughout the episode Alicia denied she was running for States Attorney, even Gloria Steinam, who seemed to turn into her guiding force in her mind could not sway Alicia. …

02 October 2014

The Good Wife: The Search for Bail and a Hug

By // TV

Cary is still in Jail Cary was still facing the wrath of the States Attorney for his alleged involvement in helping his client Lamond Bishop’s men traffic drugs legally. Cary …

22 September 2014

The Good Wife Comes Back Swinging

By // TV

Let ripple begin! In the last few years past Cary Agos played by the very talented Matt Czuchry has not had much to do, but tonight just may have been …

02 September 2014

TV on DVD: Paramount in August

By // TV

In the spirit of keeping my favourite things alive, here is another edition of the TV on DVD series. I come at this particular item in the series somewhat ironically, …


05 August 2010

My Week in TV

By // TV

The Bachelorette: She picked the right guy. They rode off into the sunset. I got simultaneously jealous and then ashamed of myself. It was pretty standard. Except that she let …

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