10 July 2019

Toronto Fringe, 2019: Part VII

By // Theatre (Toronto)

Take a look at our full list of 2019 Fringe reviews HERE. The Weight of It All (A-) Gillian Bartolucci’s latest solo piece plays out more like a one-woman sketch show …

21 May 2019

Second City’s She The People

By // Theatre (Toronto)

The Resistance Continues. That’s the sub-title of The Second City’s latest run of their feminist sketch phenom She The People. And there are a lot of things to resist: those who …

26 September 2017

Pilot Watch: Star Trek Discovery

By // TV

Damn it’s exciting to have Star Trek back on TV. With last night’s premiere, Star Trek Discovery has finally stepped into the public eye, after years of secrecy, delays, staff …

15 September 2017

DVD Update: Summer, 2017

By // TV

It’s time, once again, for the On DVD series featuring new releases from Paramount & 20th Century FOX.  Criminal Minds (The Twelfth Season) Season twelve was something of a watershed year for the …

03 September 2017

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

By // Theatre (London)

One afternoon in 1998, the awkward 12 year-old that was me trudged home from middle school to discover a gift sitting on the table. A children’s librarian had recommended that …

19 May 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2: The Family Trope

By // Cinema

*some mild spoilers below* Let’s be honest with ourselves – a full third of the reasons people want to see the second installment of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise …

09 January 2017

DVD Update: Nov/Dec 2016 (Film)

By // Cinema

It’s time, once again, for the On DVD series featuring new releases from Paramount Home Distribution. Click Here to read about the TV on DVD releases. Star Trek Beyond I liked it. …

20 December 2016

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

By // Cinema

The Force Awakens was the female-led Heroes Journey I’d dreamed of through a tomboy childhood. Rogue One is just flat out an amazing Star Wars movie. Rogue One: A Star …

05 December 2016

The MyEntWord Podcast: The Logan Trailer

By and // Cinema

The My Entertainment World Podcast is back with an all-new episode dissecting the trailer for the latest instalment of the X-Men film franchise. Coming to theatres on March 3rd, Logan promises to …

20 September 2016

Keeping Up with Ms. Jones

By // Cinema

Bridget Jones’ Baby is like a time capsule of the liberal mores of fifteen years ago – a time when it was progressive to indulge in “feminism by marriage plot” …

09 June 2016

Neighbors 2

By // Cinema

I’m as surprised as the next person to write the following sentence – I think Neighbors 2 might turn out to be my favorite movie of the year. Now hear …

11 May 2016

Captain America: Civil War

By // Cinema

It is easy to become cynical about the state of modern movie making – to focus on the role that international sales (mostly to China) and established franchises play in …

19 March 2016

Twitter Giveaway: Win an Allegiant Prize Pack

By // Cinema

To celebrate the penultimate film in the Divergent Series, eOne Films has put together an awesome prize pack to give away to one of our readers. Allegiant, Part 1– starring …

30 January 2016

My Cinematic 2015: 21-30

By // Cinema

For the past three years, I’ve been ranking every film I see- just the new releases, from January 1st to December 31st. The rankings are subjective, based entirely on how …

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