01 June 2016

What We Watched: NBC

By // TV

That’s it, the network TV season is over. I would ask how you felt about it but, let’s be honest, you don’t watch network TV anymore. You watch Game of …

20 September 2014

Wit, Heartbreak, and a Background in Comedy

By // Cinema

The Skeleton Twins is both incredibly witty, heartbreaking, and one of my favorite films of the Year, so far! If you asked me over the years which generation of Saturday …

18 February 2012

On the Topic of Channing Tatum

By // Cinema

Girls are crazy for Channing Tatum. Seriously, there was a row of girls behind me at The Vow who literally squealed when he appeared shirtless for 15 seconds (they also …

30 January 2011

Saturday Night Live

By // TV

Not only was the best part of last night’s Saturday Night Liveclearly the awkwardly fantastic interactions between Mark Zuckerberg, “MARK ZUCKERBERG” (Andy Samberg), and Jesse Eisenberg during the latter’s opening …


08 November 2009


By // TV

It was so good to see Amy Poehler on Saturday Night Live this weekend. Her bit with Seth Meyers on Weekend Update was hilarious. The dynamic between these two is …


12 October 2009

He’s Worth the Hour and Half

By // TV

Saturday Night Live is a tedious show to watch. Its lack of consistency often creates lackluster shows, with maybe a funny skit here or there. However, despite the script of …

18 September 2009

Actor Obsession: Bill Hader

By // TV

Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday premiered tonight (alongside a decent season premiere for The Office and a promising series premiere for Joel McHale’s new show Community) and it exceeded …

05 September 2009

Tough Times for Funny Ladies

By // TV

Just when we thought that Kirsten Wiig (SNL‘s only woman with full castmember status since Amy Poehler’s departure) was getting a little backup (go-to straight girl Casey Wilson was paying …

11 May 2009

Justin Timberlake Rules The Universe (or at least he should!)

By // TV

In an SNL season that has been wildly uneven post-election, where even the best hosts seemed poor served by bad material (Alec Baldwin’s underwhelming hosting gig comes to mind, as …


24 January 2009

More Stars Head for the Alter

By // TV

This time it’s a couple that I didn’t even know knew each other. Elisabeth Moss (known to today’s audiences as Peggy on Mad Men but remembered fondly by me for …

11 January 2009

Blondes have a lot of Saturday Night Fun

By // TV

Tonight was Saturday Night Live’s first episode of 2009, as well as their first episode since the departure of Amy Poehler. And they coped remarkably well, at least in my …

15 December 2008

Goodbye Amy

By // TV

Saturday marked the last episode for beloved SNL cast member Amy Poehler. Through 7.5 Saturday Night Live’s brightest stars, and also the first in history to be nominated for an Emmy for best supporting actor. …

09 December 2008

A Question for SNL

By // TV

Why was this week the Fred Armisen show? He seemed to be in every single sketch. While I loved seeing Amy Poehler back and always appreciate a good Vinnie Videcci segment, …


28 November 2008

Obsessions with a Theme!

By // TV

Let me preface this post with an apology 1) for the fact that I haven’t posted since Saturday and 2) for the fact that I won’t be posting regularly again …

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