Kelly Bedard

October 10th was the first time Frank Turner has performed in Toronto since I started listening to Frank Turner. I’ve never been to one of the high-energy concerts at the Phoenix or the Danforth Music Hall that explain his being so closely associated with the punk scene for someone who sings songs about his mom. But […]

About the Favourites Series: One of our favourite things is to listen to our favourite people talk about their favourite things. In this series, we’ll be inviting some awesome guest contributors to talk to or about their favourite people in art and entertainment. We hope you love it as much as our guests love the […]

  Duncan Derry

Historically, operas that choose to focus on love tend to privilege sweeping romances, richly orchestrated melodrama, couples separated by social mores, and, more often than not, a gloriously tragic finale. If you’re going to have several dozen musicians thrumming beneath your story of romantic entanglement, then it seems more than fair for your performances to […]

  Greg Dalgetty

A lot of people probably think I’m too young to be a Ramones fan. I’m 30 now, which means I was about 12 when the Ramones broke up in 1996. I discovered the Ramones around that time and fell in love with them, but I never got to see them perform. Going to concerts was […]

  Joe Modzelewski

A solo project by ex-P.S Eliot member Katie Crutchfield, Waxahatchee has released her second album, Cerulean Salt on Don Giovanni Records.  Her first release American Weekend received high critical acclaim in 2012 and she’s already back with another album, but this time sounding just a little more polished and confident. Cerulean Salt is a perfect album […]

  Vincent Perretti

Witnessing evolution – on any level of the term – can leave one awestruck. It’s empowering, incredible, and just plain wild to experience something like that first hand – the path behind, and where said evolving will end are coming to a point in time together. Ugly, the New Brunswick trio’s fifth release, is that intersection of […]

  Vincent Perretti

As February comes to a close, the weather has been getting beautiful – unless of course you’re reading this from Oymyakon in Sakha Republic, Russia which has -3 ºF (-16 ºC) as its yearly average. Hopefully, you’re not there but even if you are, we went and found you some our favorite up and comers […]