Waxahatchee-Cerulean-SaltA solo project by ex-P.S Eliot member Katie Crutchfield, Waxahatchee has released her second album, Cerulean Salt on Don Giovanni Records.  Her first release American Weekend received high critical acclaim in 2012 and she’s already back with another album, but this time sounding just a little more polished and confident.

Cerulean Salt is a perfect album for rainy days. Playing off of drowsy yet consistent thumping bass lines, simple and easy to follow drum patterns, as well as a nice variety of electric power chords and soft acoustic pieces, it is a record that goes along impeccably well with days where the sky just seems like endless grey, rain will not stop taping your window, and a cozy blanket is a favoured acquaintance.

There is a certain empowering, confronting theme and, throughout the album, you get a sense of personal growth and change that is layered with a deepening and soft melancholy- an emotionally exposed Crutchfield with an inspiring punk touch. Each track is fairly short and plays out short and sweet, but keeps you revisiting, wanting to analyze and decipher each and every story being told. Each song seems to be peppered with a longing nostalgia and recollections of the past that just cannot escape Crutchfield and, throughout listening, you will find yourself drawing upon similar memories of your own.

Singing of love, heartbreak, childhood, teenage angst, and change, Crutchfield sings with an endearing emotional stress that can be heard on her sometimes charmingly raspy, yet always angelically sweet, melodic voice.  It is near impossible not to develop a crush on Crutchfield and you will find yourself swooned and at times heartbroken when listening to the sheer heart she puts into each and every word.

Listening to this album, it is clear that performing and recording these songs was a sort of emotional and personal cleanse for Crutchfield, and after a listen yourself, you will feel similar results.  Contrasting strength against weakness, growth against decay, bliss against sorrow, Cerulean Salt is a fantastic and lovely short album by the talented Crutchfield. She deserves your attention and definitely deserves a chance.