13 February 2014

Olympian of the Day: Gilmore Junio

By // Sports

Gearing up for the Sochi Olympics, there’s been a lot of grumbling about, well, Russia. The games are in Russia and there’s nothing we can do about that- it means …

10 August 2012

Olympian Of The Day: Mark Oldershaw

By // Sports

At this point it’s not really notable to say “Canada won a bronze medal!”. We’ve won lots of bronze medals this olympics (10 so far out of 16 total with …

07 August 2012

Olympian Of The Day: Andy Murray

By // Sports

Few people get a second chance to win a major championship on home turf, but Andy Murray got a second chance in the same year. After losing to Roger Federer …

04 August 2012

Olympian Of The Day: Paula Findlay

By // Sports

It’d be hard to find a more heartbreaking finish for a triathlete’s Olympic debut than that of Paula Findlay. After missing a few pre-games races due to a hip issue, …

03 August 2012

Olympian Of The Day: Gabby Douglas

By // Sports

Today’s Olympian Of The Day is without a question Gabby Douglas of the United States. Many events in the Olympics are won or lost in a single event, but in …

01 August 2012

Olympian Of The Day: Hamadou Djibo Issaka

By // Sports

Since we’re starting this feature a little late, I am going to pick one person to highlight from the first four days of competition in London, then go from there. …

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