29 November 2018

Off-Broadway: The Other John Cohen

By // Theatre (New York)

Have you ever thought back to some of the most difficult times in your own life, wishing that you could go back in time to reassure yourself that everything would …

28 January 2018

Agnus: A Familiar Dystopia

By // Theatre (New York)

In Ise Lyfe and Matt Werner’s new play Agnus, everything about 2047 feels unnervingly familiar. A soothing artificial intelligence called “Sequoyah” relays information upon command, screen-obsessed citizens are stirred into fervors …

25 October 2017

Magic Off-Broadway: In & Of Itself

By // Theatre (New York)

In & Of Itself, currently playing at the Daryl Roth Theatre until the end of 2017, may be the smartest, most surprising, and most personal show that I have ever …

05 October 2017

Sweeney with a Side of Pie

By // Theatre (New York)

Tooting Arts Club’s production of Sweeney Todd at the Barrow Street Theatre is the perfect thing to see this fall: part dark theatrical masterpiece, part haunted house. It’s the most creatively staged …

22 November 2016

Dead Poets Society Revitalized

By // Theatre (New York)

“That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.” Uncle Walt’s verse gets renewed life on stage in the millennial classic Dead Poets Society – an ode …

08 April 2015

Hand to God – A NYC Must See (Again!)

By // Theatre (New York)

Last year, I gave a rave review to an off-Broadway play called Hand to God starring a (possibly) satanic puppet named Tyrone McHansley and Jason, the timid, church-going boy who …

25 February 2015

Into the Woods Off-Broadway: After “Ever After”

By // Theatre (New York)

 “Into the woods you go again, you have every now and then.” If you have never been Into the Woods, now is the time. Between Hollywood’s adaptation of this beloved …

01 January 2015

The 2014 My Theatre Award Nominees: New York

By // Theatre (New York)

2014 ended much the way it began for many Americans – watching Idina Menzel give a cringe-worthy performance of “Let It Go” to a large crowd.* My 2014 ended in …

18 October 2014

Roundabout Theatre Company’s Indian Ink

By // Theatre (New York)

I have a bit of a crush on Romola Garai’s professional acting choices. That’s not weird, is it? I mean, she is attracted to playing fantastic, intelligent, driven females. From …

28 September 2014

New York Innovative Theatre Awards 

By // Theatre (New York)

I know I said that the Tony Awards ended my 2014 theatre award season, but I lied. Sorry. Forgive my categorically untrue statement. This week, I attended the 2014 New …

11 April 2014

The 2013 My Theatre Award Winners: New York

By // Theatre (New York)

The American Theatre Wing may be announcing the Tony Award nominations on April 29 (8:30 am ET if anyone wants to join me before work to watch it live), but …

06 December 2013

Nothing to Hide: Pure Magic

By // Theatre (New York)

As the director of the new show “Nothing to Hide” at The Pershing Square Signature Theatre astutely points out in his Playbill note to the audience, there are two types …

20 November 2013

All That Fall, Fall Asleep

By // Theatre (New York)

The secret to successful entertainment in any form is conceptually simple: know your audience. I suspect that the producers of Samuel Beckett’s All That Fall at 59E59 Theatre had an …

08 October 2013

Keen Company Pulls The Film Society Out of the Vault

By // Theatre (New York)

Politically charged and culturally relevant plays face a significant hurdle on the revival circuit – historical context. Popular social commentary is ever changing and playwrights that take up causes are, …

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