19 January 2017

New Rep’s Thurgood: Nostalgic Musings with a Timely Warning

By // Theatre (Boston)

Thurgood, by George Stevens, Jr., is a celebratory overview of the extraordinary life of a civic-minded litigator…

29 March 2016

Fierce Love amid Loss in Blackberry Winter

By // Theatre (Boston)

A woman stands in front of us, a smile “made of granite” plastered on her face, and she tells us her mother is “living with,” not suffering from, Alzheimer’s disease …

23 January 2016

An Outsider in Troubled Places: Via Dolorosa

By // Theatre (Boston)

One of the unexpected pleasures of New Rep’s current season—exploring themes of “identity”—is the inclusion of several small-cast shows. Shrugging off the expense and complications of large casts and cluttered …

12 September 2015

New Rep Breaks New Ground with Broken Glass

By // Theatre (Boston)

New Repertory Theatre seems to be the only company in the Greater Boston area that is acknowledging the centennial of Arthur Miller’s birth. They have wisely decided to veer away …

27 March 2015

My Theatre Award Nominee: Elizabeth Anne Rimar

By // Theatre (Boston)

Before we announce the winners of the 2014 My Theatre Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series. Elizabeth Anne Rimar played (and is nominated for the role of) the …

30 January 2015

Boston Must See: February 2015

By // Theatre (Boston)

Here are four productions going up this month that particularly caught my attention. Three of the four are period pieces (two take place in 1912), and all of them, in …

13 January 2015

New Rep’s Muckrakers Slow to Heat Up

By // Theatre (Boston)

The title was the first thing that caught my eye. If you browse the program notes of New Repertory Theatre’s latest production, Muckrakers, written by Zayd Dohrn, directed by Bridget …

10 October 2014

New Rep’s Bookless Book Musical

By // Theatre (Boston)

I went to my first New Repertory show for a rather obscure song cycle musical, Closer Than Ever. I went into the show not really knowing what to expect from …

11 September 2014

Ponzi-Schemer Delivers a Devilishly Good Performance

By // Theatre (Boston)

New Repertory Theatre presented a Special Encore Extension of their hit production of Imagining Madoff. I couldn’t imagine myself not seeing it for the first time, the second time around. …

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