I’ve been thinking a lot about Grey’s Anatomy lately. That show,…

  Kelly Bedard

I just got that old feeling. You know, that big bold gaspy kind of Grey’s Anatomy love you remember from back when you loved Grey’s Anatomy? That swoony thing, that teary thing, that FUN thing that the show hasn’t made your heart do in longer than your loyalty complex will allow you to admit. But […]

  Taylor Sobolewski

Can you ever really love something after feeling betrayed by it? That’s the big question I have for my obviously privileged life: I feel betrayed by a television show. It’s been two seasons since the beloved Dr. Derek Shepherd died in an ironic fashion – a head injury only he could heal. Which, if I’m […]

  Kelly Bedard

Last night Grey’s Anatomy aired the episode that, a decade ago, would have signalled the end of the series. Certainly, the next episode will be the first since the pilot that feels nothing like the series as it was founded- the fun, flirty tone that made the show a hit is long gone and much […]

Even after 10 seasons, Grey’s Anatomy continues to remind me of why it deserves to stay on television. The writers have an amazing way of creating character centric episodes that don’t seem forced upon. They also have a really great way of introducing new characters and suddenly making you fall in love with them in […]

  Tim Collins

When I started watching Grey’s Anatomy and became downright obsessed in season 2, I remember worrying that the show would fall into the ER trap of constantly rotating their cast members. I always thought ER was a crappy show because every time I tuned in, I had to familiarize myself with new characters. Not surprisingly, […]

  Kelly Bedard

For weeks (many weeks) leading up to last night’s season 10 finale of Grey’s Anatomy, the ABC promo department has been drilling it into our brains: “it’s Grey’s Anatomy, Farewell to Cristina!!!!!!!!!”. This was an important one- the first original intern to leave since Izzie (season 6), and the departure of Sandra Oh who was […]

  Kelly Bedard

When an actor leaves a long-running TV series before its natural conclusion, it’s generally not a good thing. Sure, there are some series so long-lived that turnover is not only inevitable but necessary (while it’s key that Grey’s Anatomy has held on to McDreamy, where would we be if George never left and Jackson never […]