18 May 2019

Grey’s Anatomy, The Privilege of Time, and the Death of Shondaland’s For the People

By // TV

I’ve been thinking a lot about Grey’s Anatomy lately. That show,…

31 March 2018

Grey Skies Are Clearing

By // TV

I just got that old feeling. You know, that big bold gaspy kind of Grey’s Anatomy love you remember from back when you loved Grey’s Anatomy? That swoony thing, that …

18 April 2017

Checking in at Grey Sloan

By // TV

Can you ever really love something after feeling betrayed by it? That’s the big question I have for my obviously privileged life: I feel betrayed by a television show. It’s …

24 April 2015

The Immortal Grey’s Anatomy

By // TV

Last night Grey’s Anatomy aired the episode that, a decade ago, would have signalled the end of the series. Certainly, the next episode will be the first since the pilot …

01 March 2015

Grey’s Anatomy: Starting at the End of a Great Arc

By // TV

Even after 10 seasons, Grey’s Anatomy continues to remind me of why it deserves to stay on television. The writers have an amazing way of creating character centric episodes that …

05 November 2014

Grey’s Anatomy: The Season so Far

By // TV

When I started watching Grey’s Anatomy and became downright obsessed in season 2, I remember worrying that the show would fall into the ER trap of constantly rotating their cast …

16 May 2014

“Farewell to Cristina”

By // TV

For weeks (many weeks) leading up to last night’s season 10 finale of Grey’s Anatomy, the ABC promo department has been drilling it into our brains: “it’s Grey’s Anatomy, Farewell …

02 February 2014

All The Goodbyes

By // TV

When an actor leaves a long-running TV series before its natural conclusion, it’s generally not a good thing. Sure, there are some series so long-lived that turnover is not only …

14 December 2013

Mid-Season Finale: Grey’s Anatomy

By // TV

Mid-season finale time is probably the best time for television; the show ends explosively, but the viewers need not wait four long, agonizing months to find out what happened. We …

22 November 2013

Grey’s Anatomy “Somebody That I Used to Know”

By // TV

I have always been a staunch defender of the bitchy, take no prisoners lifestyle that Dr. Christina Yang lives by, but her attitude as of late has left me less …

30 October 2013

Grey’s Anatomy “Map of You”

By // TV

I’m curious, does anyone know where I could get an application to become Derek Shepherd’s wife? I’ll even settle for Patrick Dempsey, so long as he’s as incredible a husband …

06 October 2013

Grey’s Anatomy Episode 199

By // TV

Last week, I wrote that Grey’s Anatomy was really straddling the line between primetime drama and daytime soap opera, and that description couldn’t be any more fitting than when the …

27 September 2013

Season Premiere: Grey’s Anatomy

By // TV

There are times when I watch Grey’s Anatomy and wonder if the writers know how dramatic they are being. I would assume so, since they are writing a drama, but …

27 October 2012

Grey’s Lately

By // TV

Grey’s Anatomy‘s 9th season so far has been, um, let’s go with evocative. Like earlier seasons, the 9th has struggled with some melodrama, quite a few jokes that didn’t land, …

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