11 September 2014

Faith 7: Law and Disorder (Season Wrap Up: Graceland)

By // TV

One word can accurately sum up my thoughts during the Graceland finale, and now, after digesting the finale: why?! Another acceptable word is: what? Major spoilers ahead. The root of …

08 August 2014

Graceland: Midseason Look

By // TV

The title to this piece is a misnomer; Graceland’s sophomore season is more than halfway over. It’s hard to believe, because the season has flown by. So many things are …

12 June 2014

Graceland: The Line

By // TV

Summer is finally here! Okay, maybe not officially until June 21, but since I base my calendar on TV seasons and not science, and Graceland, a quintessential summer show just …

13 September 2013

Graceland Finale: This House is Falling Apart

By // TV

Graceland’s season finale, “Pawn” was a mostly satisfying end to a strong freshman season. Despite moments when you want to rip your hair out in frustration, “Pawn” succeeded in tying …

13 August 2013

Graceland, A Mid-Season Look

By // TV

The title is technically a lie, because USA’s Graceland is now more than halfway done with its first season. The season started out strong, but fell into a bit of …

21 June 2013

Pilot Watch: Graceland

By // TV

Summer can be a difficult time for TV watchers. It’s traditionally a movie season, featuring blockbuster after blockbuster. And while it’s true the network television pickings are slim, cable is …

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