Kelly Bedard

I’m loving Bunheads. Have I mentioned how much I’m Loving Bunheads? It’s like an hour of pure joy once a week. And not guilty pleasure Bachelorette joy, actual Amy-Sherman-Palladino-Is-Back-On-TV joy. It’s like having Lorelai Gilmore back, but instead of Lauren Graham (with whom I have a love-‘annoyed by’ relationship) we get Sutton Foster (with whom […]

  Rachael Nisenkier

I once touted the virtues of the Hulu-enabled series catch-up on this very website, but today, in view of Netflix’s dismal stock showings, I’m here to throw the company a bone. Netflix remains a great way to stumble upon TV shows you never would have considered during their regular schedule. And so it was that […]

Fat Shows, the biggest problem since Skinny Shows

This week was the premiere of a new ABC family show called Huge. It’s basically an hour each week in which rebellious Will (you know she’s a rebel because she’s got blue hair) obnoxiously fights against losing weight at fat camp. Oh boy. I cannot wait. The premiere alone was chock a block full of […]

I think I Might Be Maturing… And Other Startling Pop-Culture Related Revelations

My love for the redeemable bad boy has been well chronicled on this site, and with my ever-abiding and increasing love for Glee‘s Puck and HIMYM‘s Barney as continuing proof, I suppose it hasn’t really ended. But recently, while rewatching Veronica Mars Season Three (because, well, if it’s a season that I can’t quote entirely […]

Where Would They Be Now?
  Kelly Bedard

Alexis Bledel’s upcoming guest appearance on this Thursday’s 2 hour ER series finale got me thinking about the Gilmore girlsagain. In the 2007 series finale, Rory was about to really leave home for the first time for an amazing job opportunity. Her assignment? Cover the presidential campaign of a particular long shot candidate for the […]

Strange Things I’ve discovered thanks to ABC Family and Kevin Smith

Not being much of a fan of porn myself, but being a huge fan of Kevin Smith movies, I would have never known who Tracy Lords was if it weren’t for a certain bubble popping incident in the Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks comedy Zach and Miri Make a Porno. Which means, I would have […]

TV Stars on Stage
  Kelly Bedard

Your average TV fan is probably aware of Guys & Dolls. For one thing, the 1992 revival starred Peter Gallagher (also known as The OC’s Sandy Cohen) and the iconic Nathan Lane. What fans may also know is that Lauren Graham, beloved by all as a Gilmore Girl, is currently starring as Adelaide in the […]

Exciting Casting News
  Kelly Bedard

In case you weren’t excited about the Gossip Girl spinoff already (a distinct possibility, I grant you), the latest casting news should have you not only jumping on the bandwagon but also jumping for joy. Brittany Snow and Krysten Ritter are set to star as the central sisters in the series. Snow, who is best known […]