10 March 2009

Strange Things I’ve discovered thanks to ABC Family and Kevin Smith

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Not being much of a fan of porn myself, but being a huge fan of Kevin Smith movies, I would have never known who Tracy Lords was if it weren’t for a certain bubble popping incident in the Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks comedy Zach and Miri Make a Porno. Which means, I would have been missing out, because the episode of Gilmore Girls (Season 4, “The Fundamental Things Apply”) in which Lorelai works with an interior designer on her new inn would have only been noteworthy for the romantic humiliation of Rory’s first post-Dean, post-Jess date. I would never have looked twice at the oddly-lipped interior designer. Maybe I would have paused for a moment to consider her slightly stilted delivery, but I would not have realized that-
Gilmore Girls showrunner Amy Sherman Palladino was such a bad ass she slipped the world’s most famous porn star onto her show — The very show that was once voted by The Family Council as one of the most wholesome programs on television. It almost makes up for the sixth and seventh seasons.


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