In case you weren’t excited about the Gossip Girl spinoff already (a distinct possibility, I grant you), the latest casting news should have you not only jumping on the bandwagon but also jumping for joy.

Brittany Snow and Krysten Ritter are set to star as the central sisters in the series. Snow, who is best known as a modern day 60s icon from her portrayal of Hairspray mean girl Amber Von Tussle and her starring role in the beloved period show American Dreams, will be taking on a new decade (the 80s) as a young Lily Van Der Woodsen (Serena’s mom). Ritter will play her sister Carol, the other central figure in the spinoff. Ritter, a much-admired character actress, has lent her quirky charm to many a recurring role in such demographically perfect TV gems as Gilmore girls and Veronica Mars.

With Snow’s established leading lady charisma and Ritter’s delightful quirkiness working in tandem, the only question I need answered about this impending spinoff is Who’s Gonna Play Rufus?