21 January 2015

My Cinematic 2014: 71-90

By // Cinema

For the past two years, I’ve been ranking every film I see- just the new releases, from January 1st to December 31st. The rankings are subjective, based entirely on how …

22 March 2014

Veronica Mars, the movie

By // Cinema

It will surprise no one who is familiar with such matters that a 2 hour long episode of Veronica Mars, packed with all the expectations and narrative necessities therein, is …

31 October 2011

Switched at Birth: Season One

By // TV

I once touted the virtues of the Hulu-enabled series catch-up on this very website, but today, in view of Netflix’s dismal stock showings, I’m here to throw the company a …


09 January 2011

TV Stars in The Movies

By // TV

The holiday movie rush has produced some truly excellent and some disappointing fare. But one thing has remained true: TV stars are really bringing it to the big screen this …

09 December 2009

I think I Might Be Maturing… And Other Startling Pop-Culture Related Revelations

By // TV

My love for the redeemable bad boy has been well chronicled on this site, and with my ever-abiding and increasing love for Glee‘s Puck and HIMYM‘s Barney as continuing proof, …

27 June 2009

Girly Rant

By // TV

This weekend I sat down to watch the (awesome) movie Star Trek for the third time (yes, yes, I’m a dork. Let’s move on). And, not for the first time, …


18 June 2009

My Current Actor Obsession

By // TV

Tina Majorino. Tina first came into my consciousness as the cute little girl in 1994’s Corrina, Corrina.Since then, she graduated high school at the age of 15, became a trained …


28 February 2009

Exciting Casting News

By // TV

In case you weren’t excited about the Gossip Girl spinoff already (a distinct possibility, I grant you), the latest casting news should have you not only jumping on the bandwagon but …


19 February 2009

Recipe for Success

By // TV

Set Veronica Marscreator Rob Thomas free on a low-pressure network like Starz. Add a winning comedy concept (a catering company full of wannabes). Then give him a plethora of Mars …

16 December 2008

This Week’s Big Bang Theory and the Christmas Episode Hypothesis

By // TV

This week’s BBT featured a guest spot by none other than Michael Trucco. Don’t know who he is? You clearly haven’t been doing your nerdy homework. Trucco is none other …

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