Tina Majorino.

Tina first came into my consciousness as the cute little girl in 1994’s Corrina, Corrina.Since then, she graduated high school at the age of 15, became a trained opera singer, earned her black belt in martial arts and went on to star in one of the biggest cult films of the decade (Napoleon Dynamite).

But it wasn’t until her turn as blue-haired Mac (Cindy “Mac” Mackenzie aka Veronica Mars’ Q) that Tina Majorino became a My TV favourite.

Now, as I finally watch season 3 of Big Love, she remains at the top of the “unsung supporting actress” list. Throughout the series, Tina’s role as Heather, a conservative Mormon struggling to look past her own beliefs to be friends with the daughter of polygamists, Sarah (played by the incomparable Amanda Seyfried, another Veronica Mars alum), was a key part of what made Big Love such a multi-faceted show. Heather’s conflict with Sarah coming to a head in season 3 only served to showcase Tina Majorino’s underrated skill all the more unmistakably.

A child star who turned out sane, complete with a host of hidden talents, a good head on her shoulders and impeccable taste in TV roles, Tina Majorino is one in a million.

Simply put, the girl is really cool.