Your average TV fan is probably aware of Guys & Dolls. For one thing, the 1992 revival starred Peter Gallagher (also known as The OC’s Sandy Cohen) and the iconic Nathan Lane. What fans may also know is that Lauren Graham, beloved by all as a Gilmore Girl, is currently starring as Adelaide in the 2009 Revival (playing in the recently vacated Nederlander theatre, which housed RENT for more than a decade). What they may not know is that Ms. Graham is not the only headliner worth seeing for a TV fan. Playing her scene-stealing fiancee is Oliver Platt (known to TV audiences as sardonic White House Counsel Oliver Babish on The West Wing), and stepping into the central role of smooth-talking Sky Masterson (the role formerly played by Gallagher) is Craig Bierko (Boston Legal’s smooth-talking lawyer Jeffrey Coho).

“Call it hell, call it heaven, it’s probable twelve to seven” that this production is a TV lover’s dream. “More I cannot wish” than for it to be a hit, so “sue me” if I’m “rocking the boat” by wishing that “luck be a lady” and make this show go “ding, dong, ding, dong, ding”, because then “[we]’ll know” that, for our favourite stars, there’s life after cancellation*.

*please forgive my nerdy lyric puns, I couldn’t resist.