06 September 2014

#PygmalionUnderground Should Stay There

By // Theatre (Boston)

One day, as a teenager, I was about to read a copy of Pygmalion and my father said to me, “Why do you want to read Pygmalion? Isn’t it just …

04 September 2014

At the Shaw: The Philanderer, a Monologue

By // Theatre

Inner Monologue: “Do not talk about how period costumes and British accents on a proscenium stage is so boring and standard and Shaw Festival-y that you want to scream. Don’t …

20 August 2014

Shaw 2014 Wrap Up

By // Theatre

This was a fabulous season for the Shaw Festival. Out of ten productions, there was only one I thought just wasn’t very good (sorry, Juno). Everything else was a mix …

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