Tom McGee

Who knew a game about talking corn would have one of the best narrative twists I’ve ever seen in a video game? Maize, the irreverent new puzzle and exploration game from Finish Line Games is an imaginative, funny, atmospheric experience featuring everything from the aforementioned talking corn, to an irritable cyborg Russian teddy bear, to […]

  Tom McGee

2003 was a pretty magical year for early online gaming: with the advent of Flash sites like ebaum’s World and, suddenly computer class went from being somewhere ICQ and MSN Messenger were banned to an arcade. I got addicted to Jet Slalom, a game where you maneuver a hover speeder between triangular cones, as […]

  Tom McGee

There are moments in Seasons After Fall, where the stunning, hand-drawn graphics and the breathtakingly beautiful score, performed by a strings quartet, where you find yourself marvelling at finding such beauty in a video game. While it is certainly more common to see such incredible design, what Swing Swing Submarine has accomplished here visually and […]

Telltale Games are known for their tough decisions; but here there was no question. I started kicking the corpse along with Rocket, while taunting the defeated super villain. Gamora was kinda pissed about it, but it was worth it. From start to finish, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Game – Episode One: Tangled […]

  Colin Munch

I haven’t had much time to play this week, but I have been working my way through some Destiny content in a fireteam. It got me thinking about something I mentioned in last week’s article, about storytelling in multiplayer. Destiny While waiting for my friends to be ready, I came across the product page for […]

  Colin Munch

Further musings on Deus Ex and the different approaches to player choice. Also, I started playing World of Warcraft again because I guess I’m made of money and free time? Deus Ex: Mankind Divided I finished what I’ve been calling Act Two in DXMD this weekend and have some amendments to make to my points […]

  Jordan Morrissey

Tales from the Borderlands is a welcome return to form from the episodic player-influenced storyteller Telltale, providing a unique genre-twisting take on Gearbox’s Borderlands universe in a funny, enjoyable and thoroughly charming way. It is a fine example of what good writing can bring to a, by this point, already well-used format, surpassing many of […]

  Bex Shea

Sweet Bytes is a series of articles that highlights fun, unique video games that you can play through in an afternoon. Gunpoint is what you get when you throw smart puzzles, fast-paced action, and espionage in a blender—all with a tech-savvy noir twist. It starts by throwing you out of a building and only gets […]

  Joseph Woodward

If you’ve paid any attention to television, comics, movies, or games since the mid 1980’s, you’ve most likely heard of the Transformers. This race of transforming robots was created in 1984 by Hasbro Toys, based on a rebranding of transforming toys by a Japanese toy company named Takara Tomy Ltd. The two companies co-produced transformers […]