12 December 2014

The Golden Globe Nominees (Film)

By // Cinema

It was the snub heard round the world. Angelina Jolie was not nominated for a single Golden Globe yesterday. Jolie was a contender for Producer/ Director on Unbroken, and in …

10 December 2014

Birdman Leads SAG Film Nominations

By // Cinema

Somewhere in a high tower I imagine Harvey Weinstein is looking into a cauldron, and cackling. The Weinstein Company did exceptionally well today, their film The Imitation Game has 3, …

02 December 2014

Boyhood Wins Big with the NYFCC

By // Cinema

Over the next couple months, you will probably hear the phrase “Well Boyhood dominated…” or “Boyhood sweeps ‘insert critics group or award show’.” Rightfully, so! Yesterday the New York Film …

07 November 2014

Roger Ebert & Life Itself

By // Cinema

Steve James’ documentary about Roger Ebert- filmed in the last few weeks of his life and release after his death- moved me more than any other movie in 2014 so …

19 September 2014

The Oscar Race: Early Analysis

By // Cinema

I know what you are thinking, yes its only September, but with festival circuit in full swing, Telluride, Venice, and Toronto, it’s time to start talking about and predicting this …

07 September 2014

What Happened to Summer 2014 at the Movies?

By // Cinema

The statistic all over the Internet, troubling studio executives and producers of the world, is the domestic summer box office was down 14.6 percent from last year. Some films found …

10 July 2014

She’s All Blatche

By // Sports

Girls with glasses sure would be beautiful if they didn’t wear glasses, huh? That’s what the movies would have you believe, anyway. You all know what I’m talking about. It’s …

24 June 2014

Obvious Child

By // Cinema

I thought a lot about the lighter side of male privilege while watching Obvious Child. As a woman obsessed with social justice (especially the particular form of social justice that …

07 June 2014

Sharp Angles, Other-Worldly Beauty & an Angry Core

By // Cinema

Centered on Angelina Jolie’s prosthetically enhanced cheekbones, Maleficent comes off a lot like its title character: all sharp angles, other worldly beauty, and angry core. The advertising remains intentionally coy: …

05 June 2014

San Antonio: The Ghostbusters of the NBA

By // Sports

“Choose the form of the Destructor!” So spake Gozer the Gozerian during the climactic scene of Ghostbusters. The Ghostbusters found themselves atop Dana Barrett’s apartment building, prepared for an epic …

17 February 2014

Frozen and the Modern Movie-Going Experience

By // Cinema

A lot of think pieces have been written about the declining necessity of movie theaters. They make my blood boil a little bit. I love the movie theater. Basically, every …

25 May 2013

So What The Hell Is Up With Women in Star Trek?

By // Cinema

I’m sorry to do this guys. I really tried not to care. After the first installment saw exactly one major female character, and she was constantly clad in a miniskirt, …

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