Rachael Nisenkier

This Thanksgiving, I decided to watch all 9 Thanksgiving episodes of Friends in order to finally determine: “Why does Ross, the largest of the Friends, not simply eat the others [for Thanksgiving]?”* Here are the lessons I learned: – The first instalment, The One Where Underdog Gets Away, features one of those “early sitcom family […]

  Kelly Bedard

Netflix be damned, this month alone I raced through the first season of Game of Thrones, the third season of Mad Men and the fifth season of The Good Wife, all on the great and sadly dying medium of TV on DVD (Netflix, by the way, only has one of those three things available in […]

  Kelly Bedard

The 7th season of Laverne & Shirley (just released on DVD) is at once a perfect encapsulation of the series as it stands in TV history and a complete anomaly. The characters are exactly the same (Laverne= saucy, free-wheeling loudmouth; Shirley= uptight innocent; Lenny & Squiggy= strange and over-the-top; Carmine= all over the place but […]

  Kelly Bedard

I’m too young for this. The Garry Marshall property I grew up with was Runaway Bride (and, later, The Princess Diaries) so you’ll excuse me if I have no idea who Joanie and Chachi are. That’s an overstatement of course; as one of those cartoonish people who honestly took a university course called “The History […]

  Saiya Floyd

If you’ve been following our coverage leading up to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary (which you should be; catch Parts I, II, III and IV now), you might have noticed a lack of Classic Who. This wasn’t intended as a slight against the earlier episodes; it wasn’t included because I am fairly new to Classic […]

  Matt Dodge

The government is lying to you. Shadowy figures are watching your every move. Terrorist threats are encroaching on North American soil. Enemies are no longer nations, but instead are hiding in plain sight. Information leakers have the potential to bring down the most powerful figures in the world. Science and technology are progressing at an […]