29 May 2014

Mad Men: Waterloo

By // TV

The most important episode of Mad Men’s seven year run might have been the penultimate instalment of the third season, where JFK is assassinated. The era of relative peace that …

14 May 2014

Mad Men: The Runaways

By // TV

Another week on Mad Men, another chance for Betty Francis, nee Draper, to be a terrible mother. Teenaged Sally gets sent home from boarding school with a beat up nose …

01 May 2014

Mad Men: Field Trip

By // TV

Another day of work for everyone at SC&P and another day at home for Don Draper. Still on the outs from his old colleagues, Don’s day doesn’t get any better …

14 March 2014

The Walking Dead: Alone

By // TV

This week on The Walking Dead, the splinter groups split up again, and everyone did a lot of walking, go figure. Beth and Daryl have kept trekking through the woods …

11 February 2014

The Walking Dead: After

By // TV

After the explosive attack on the prison by the Governor and his forces, The Walking Dead has returned to deal with the aftermath. The mid-season premier begins seconds after the …

27 June 2013

Mad Men 613 ‘In Care Of’

By // TV

“Can you keep it down? I’m trying to drink.” Although the idea is impossible, it feels as if Matt Weiner was afraid that Mad Men would get canceled after the …

12 June 2013

Mad Men 611: ‘Favors’

By // TV

“I don’t want his juice, I want my juice.” We all knew that this was bound to happen. After at least a decade of infidelity spread across two marriages, Don …

07 June 2013

Mad Men 610: ‘A Tale of Two Cities’

By // TV

“Apparently, I am a curious child with a full head of hair and a thriving business. And you’re a terrible swimmer.” After spending the majority of its run in that …

23 May 2013

Mad Men 608: ‘The Crash’

By // TV

“I’m not from somewhere other than this moment?” Well that was weird. Mad Men has made it a habit to air an episode with a weirder bent to it around …

02 May 2013

Mad Men 605: ‘The Flood’

By // TV

“We’ve already met. In fact, I’m pretty sure we’ve had this meeting already too and it went well.” Mad Men has made it a point to keep episodes dealing with …

26 April 2013

Mad Men 604: ‘To Have And To Hold’

By // TV

“It sounds like New Year’s Eve when they empty out the garbage, there’s so many bottles.” For everyone who complains that nothing ever actually happens on Mad Men, this was …

19 April 2013

Mad Men 603: ‘The Collaborators’

By // TV

“I will not be a failure!” The entire point of advertising is to convince people that they want things, even if they don’t know why. This episode of Mad Men …

10 April 2013

Mad Men 601: ‘The Doorway’

By // TV

The words of man slowly descending into hell, juxtaposed with images of the beautiful beaches of Hawaii are how we welcomed back to the world of Mad Men. Don Draper …

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