26 March 2019

Jack Woodville London’s Children of a Good War

By // Books

Jack Woodville London has written an engaging book about family and how our personal and familial histories impact who we ultimately become. It is an interesting exploration of how secrets …

21 December 2018

Crude Blessings by T.M.”Roe” Patterson

By // Books

Crude Blessings: The Amazing Life Story of Glenn Patterson, American Oilman is written by Patterson’s Roe. Glenn isn’t famous, though he was successful. He didn’t accomplish great feats of endurance, work towards …

31 October 2018

The Spirit of the Trail

By // Books

The Spirit of the Trail by Carrie Morgridge with Ross Sellers is an account of the 46 day bicycle journey undertaken by Morgridge and her husband John in the summer …

07 October 2018

What is Love by Pauli Rose Libsohn

By // Books

This book is a love letter to Mitzi Libsohn, the author’s mother. It is ostensibly about the love story of her parents and the poetry that sprang from that relationship, …

15 August 2018

Jennifer Egan: Emerald City and Other Stories

By // Books

Jennifer Egan must be a wise soul. I would love to sit down with her and ask for her advice about my own life. She just seems to know so …

08 August 2018

Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld

By // Books

I loved Jane Austen. And I loved this modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice. It perfectly updates the story to capture all of the same themes and it made me …

12 July 2018

Art by the Book: Beginning Color Mixing

By // Books

Kimberly Adams’ Beginning Color Mixing: Tips and Techniques for Mixing Vibrant Colors and Cohesive Palettes is a fantastic book for new artists wanting to learn more about color in a way that …

22 June 2018

Art by the Book: Practical Calligraphy

By // Books

George Thomson’ s Practical Calligraphy is a small book full of big ideas. It introduces the history and uses of calligraphy in straightforward and inspiring ways, from ancient Mesopotamia, through …

16 June 2018

Educated by Tara Westover

By // Books

A memoir from a Mormon woman raised in Idaho by fundamentalist parents, who survived a violent childhood and sub-par homeschooling and managed to attain a PhD. Interesting logline, right? I …

09 June 2018

Fraver by Design: Theatre History by the Book

By // Books

I think most coffee table books are a little stupid, seemingly designed just to occupy uncomfortable company while you’re off, I don’t know, platting the hors d’oeuvres? They clutter up …

03 June 2018

Two Arguments About The Goldfinch

By // Books

Since Donna Tartt’s debut, in which she was introduced to the world in an 8-page interview in Vanity Fair, she has amassed a cult of devotees. I am such a …

02 March 2018

Exclusive Interview: Modern Whore author Andrea Werhun

By // Books

For a year I anticipated the release of my friend Andrea Werhun’s memoir Modern Whore, about her experience working as a sex worker in a Toronto escort service. I was …

08 November 2017

No, I Can’t Draw

By // Books

Stop telling me I can draw. I’ve always been that person who insists that “anyone can sing” if they learn correctly. But, after my latest exercise in attempting to draw, …

21 September 2017

Gabe Hudson’s Gork

By // Books

Perhaps young adult fiction is not my thing. Perhaps I am a little too old, a little too far removed from high school. Whatever the reason, this book, full of …

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