07 May 2021

Games for Covid Times

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My go-to board game for a long time was Pandemic. It’s fun, complex, difficult, re-playable, and cooperative so I was never accused of personally attacking my friends with my strategy …

23 July 2017

SDCC ’17 On the Floor: The Latest Toys & Games

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Click Here to read all of our coverage from 2017 San Diego Comic-Con Games of all types and toys both practical and collectible abound at Comic-Con and the hyper-commercial landscape …

22 March 2014

Build Your Own Suburbia

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So one of the casualties of my new-found fatherhood has been my ability to easily round folks up to play games. People tend to like to congregate in the evening …

30 September 2013

Video(s) of the Day: Shut Up & Sit Down Game Reviews

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With babygeddon almost upon me, I have found it increasingly difficult to find the time to gather people and play games. There are just too many trips to Babies Я Us that …

01 June 2013


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Dear Nine year old Leeman, shut up, put down those Battle Beasts for five minutes and heed my tidings from the future.  No, I’m not here to give you stock …

18 May 2013

Thurn and Taxis

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“Mommy Mommy!” “What is it, little Andreas?” “I want to play a game!” “What kind of game, my darling?” “One where I can help develop the postal infrastructure of 16th …

14 September 2012

Repos’ 7 Wonders

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My wife and I aren’t speaking right now.  That’s mostly because she’s in the kitchen making flat bread but if it were due to an argument, the most likely root …

26 April 2012


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Once upon a time there was a board game called Talisman, but that’s a story for another day.  The story today is about one of Talisman‘s Robert Baratheon-esque bastards, Runebound. …

18 March 2012

Fantasy Flight’s Battlestar Galactica

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One of the joys of going back and watching old episodes of Deep Space Nine is seeing Ronald Moore’s name in the opening credits and thinking, “Hey!  I liked Battestar …

08 February 2012

Fantasy Flight’s Arkham Horror

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So winter decided to bite back a few weeks ago and, in the midst of a relatively anaemic January, hit my city with enough snow to give one pause. Not to be …

30 January 2012

Snakes & Lattes

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My current Torontonian obsession is a geek-chic café just west of Bathurst on Bloor called Snakes & Lattes. The wildly popular destination is pretty much exactly what it sounds like- …

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