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Games of all types and toys both practical and collectible abound at Comic-Con and the hyper-commercial landscape of the convention floor is where all that stuff lives.

Video games may be king when it comes to intense geekery (the true measure of relevance at Comic-Con) but analogue games are surely second in line to the throne and looking to usurp any minute. Board games (like Settlers of Catan) and card games (like Cards Against Humanity or Yu-Gi-Oh, depending on your level of gaming intensity) are among the most social geek crazes (one of the interviewees featured in the video below met her husband while gaming!) and one particular iconic tabletop game- a little thing known as Dungeons and Dragons)- regularly serves as a breeding ground for creative ideas that become the novels, films, television shows and comic books that keep Comic-Con growing every year.

Meanwhile, toys and collectibles (along with physical comic books) are the lifeblood of niche commerce among the fandom community, the hunt for rare limited editions and mint condition relics making lucrative business for collectors (a GI Joe action figure once fetched two hundred thousand dollars at auction, true story).

We toured the games & toy offerings on the floor and talked to four different exhibitors who had interesting new products to share at the con: a board game, a card game, arcade games, and classic franchise collectibles.