20 December 2020

Clare & Tayshia’s Bachelor Scale

By // TV

I am not a woman of ritual. There’s very little in this world that I do because I’ve always done it, not a birthday tradition or a makeup routine or …

11 October 2019

Pilot Watch + 1: 2019 Network Dramas

By // TV

The new TV season is upon us! As we mourn the slaughter of all the great shows that had to die so these ones could live (RIP, For the People …

06 October 2019

Pilot Watch +1: 2019 Network Comedies

By // TV

The new TV season is upon us! As we mourn the slaughter of all the great shows that had to die so these ones could live (RIP, Speechless), let’s see …

01 October 2019

Things That Actually Happened in the Modern Family Season Premiere

By // TV

I’ve never been a big Modern Family fan. It’s a pretty generic family comedy..

04 June 2019

Hannah’s Bachelor Scale

By // TV

I Love Hannah Brown. I’m into this Bachelorette season like I haven’t been into this branch of the franchise in quite some time. I know they don’t necessarily cast with …

18 May 2019

Grey’s Anatomy, The Privilege of Time, and the Death of Shondaland’s For the People

By // TV

I’ve been thinking a lot about Grey’s Anatomy lately. That show,…

28 September 2018

Pilot Watch: Single Parents

By // TV

The best new show of the fall TV season so far is Single Parents, the latest addition to ABC’s single camera family comedy lineup. Though rarely groundbreaking, this phase of …

31 March 2018

Grey Skies Are Clearing

By // TV

I just got that old feeling. You know, that big bold gaspy kind of Grey’s Anatomy love you remember from back when you loved Grey’s Anatomy? That swoony thing, that …

13 March 2018

Nominee Interview Series: John Ross Bowie

By // TV

Before we announce the winners of the 2017 MyEntWorld Critics’ Pick Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series. John Ross Bowie’s Jimmy is, for my money, the best dad …

25 October 2017

New on Network: 2017 Sitcoms

By // TV

All in all, there actually aren’t as many new shows this fall as you might expect. Networks seem to be playing it a little bit cooler with the cancellation trigger …

02 July 2017

Rachel’s Boys: The 2017 Bachelor Scale

By // TV

The odd Bachelorette editing and schedule this year (a pre-rose ceremony cliffhanger here, a double episode there) meant that Rachel went from 15 remaining guys to 6 in literally two …

29 May 2017

Fall 2017 Network Television Previews, Ranked

By // TV

The five major broadcast television networks arranged in a list in order of how appealing the previews for their new fall shows are, overall… LEAST: NBC NBC has historically been …

18 April 2017

Checking in at Grey Sloan

By // TV

Can you ever really love something after feeling betrayed by it? That’s the big question I have for my obviously privileged life: I feel betrayed by a television show. It’s …

12 December 2016

Dreamcasting: Dancing with the All-Stars

By // TV

I’m finally fully caught up on the recent seasons of Dancing with the Stars, right up to that delirious Christmas spectacular wherein former Governor Rick Perry DJ’d for Vanilla Ice …

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