22 October 2016

Pilot Watch (+1): American Housewife

By // TV

American Housewife is hella bad. Like, Mike & Molly plus Kevin Can Wait crossed with Real O’Neals and the “Mitchell thinks Cameron is too spontaneous” storylines on Modern Family kind …

09 October 2016

Canada’s First Bachelor Scale

By // TV

I’ve never watched The Bachelor Canada but I am loving our first foray into the franchise’s tables-turned better half. The Bachelorette is the less skeezy, less catty, way more dreamy …

03 October 2016

Pilot Watch (+1): Notorious

By // TV

Notorious is a fine show. It’s not good but it’s not offensively bad either. It’s a little bit fun (mostly Kate Jennings Grant as a randy but capable news anchor), …

11 September 2016

Pilot Watch: Speechless

By // TV

Who knows where it’ll go but the pilot of ABC’s new sitcom Speechless was one of the strongest comedy debuts I’ve seen in ages. Simultaneously championing inclusion and skewering those …

30 June 2016

Exclusive Interview: Scandal‘s Artemis Pebdani

By // TV

Back in March, the great and wildly underrated Artemis Pebdani won the MyTV Award for Outstanding Guest Actress for her role as refreshingly un-corruptible politician Susan Ross on Scandal. With …

24 June 2016

Jojo’s Boys: The 2016 Bachelor Scale

By // TV

Jojo is a pretty generic Bachelorette. She’s approachable, fun, pretty and easy to root for but she doesn’t really stand out in any particular way. She doesn’t have Andi’s intelligence …

04 February 2016

Season (Series?) Wrap Up: Galavant

By // TV

The second season of this wacky medieval musical came as a surprise to everyone, most of all the show’s creators who proceeded to pepper those unexpected 10 episodes with references …

12 October 2015

Pilot Watch: Dr. Ken

By // TV

Sorry this is a little late folks, but Dr. Ken was not on Hulu, and hell I think I tried to put off watching this show as much as possible. …

06 October 2015

Moral of the Story: FBI Agents are All Liars

By // TV

Quantico certainly continues to feel like fall 2015’s answer to How to Get Away with Murder. That’s definitely not a bad thing since there seems to be some more potential …

01 October 2015

Pilot Watch: Blood & Oil

By // TV

Hot off the viewing of my favorite new pilot of the season, I finished watching my least favorite new pilot. It was no surprise to me that Blood & Oil …

30 September 2015

Getting Away with Another Murder

By // TV

I hate to be the Debbie Downer of all things Shondland but I really was looking forward to the premiere of How to Get Away with Murder. Viola Davis was …

29 September 2015

Grey’s Anatomy: Old Hat, No New Tricks

By // TV

Meredith’s voiceover brings us right into season twelve of Grey’s Anatomy. She sets us up for a new McDreamy-less life by saying, “I’ve been here before, this is old hat…but …

28 September 2015

Pilot Watch: Quantico

By // TV

Quantico had my favorite pilot so far this season (although I have to admit that Scream Queens is a close second). I’m a sucker for whodunit mysteries and I love …

24 September 2015

Pilot Watch: The Muppets

By // TV

I had to watch The Muppets twice. While I enjoyed the show on the first watch, as an avid fan of this brand of characters, I knew there was something …

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