Andrew Markowiak

Guys. I was at the Marlies game Friday night, and Toronto managed to close out the series in four. What I couldn’t have foreseen before puck-drop was that we were preparing to witness the longest game in Marlies’ history. You would think the farm team has been largely depleted thanks to the Leaf’s rookie-heavy roster, […]

GAME 24 4-1 Win vs. Tampa Bay Season Record: 7-17 Despite playing for a team I don’t follow or particularly care about, for some reason, Rays shortstop Tim Beckham always draws a disproportionate sense of disappointment from me. He seems to make a regrettable error on the bases or in the field every time I […]

  Andrew Markowiak

Despite falling to the Washington Capitals in six games, the Toronto Maple Leafs and their fans aren’t feeling the sting of elimination. A sensational season driven by a core of rookies that exploded onto the NHL stage has ignited the feeling that this franchise might soon have what it takes to be a perennial contender […]

GAME 21 8-4 Loss in 11 innings at St. Louis Season Record: 6-15…

  Mike Shara

GAME 20 6-5 Win at St. Louis in 11 innings Season Record: 6-14 Despite the indisputable fact that interleague games are stupid and no one with any self-respect could possibly find them interesting, Toronto facing St. Louis tonight still had a few intriguing angles to it, though the teams would appear at first blush to […]

GAME 19 2-1 Loss at Anaheim Season Record 5-14 On Friday I wrote about how little rivalry there has been between the Angels and Blue Jays over the years. That got me thinking “how would you rank all the teams in the American League as far as rivalries with the Jays go”? I think one […]

Game 17 5-4 Loss at Anaheim Season Record: 4-13 Full confession #1: I didn’t see this entire game. As lucrative as blogging for an audience of 7 or 8 readers is in 2017, I had an old buddy from university in town visiting and wanted to hang out with him at a bar. With the […]

8-7 win at Anaheim in 13 innings Season record: 4-12 Almost as soon as the Blue Jays left Toronto’s miserable weather yesterday for the sunny shores of Anaheim, I realized that I was going to have to write something about the Angels and Blue Jays. I immediately realized that there isn’t much to write about. […]