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24 April 2018

Angels in America Back on Broadway

By // Theatre (New York)

Transferring after an exceptionally well-received run at the National Theatre in London, Tony Kushner’s epic drama exploring the intersection of AIDS, politics, religion, faith and social commentary in New York …

30 March 2018

No, Really, Let It Go: Frozen on Broadway

By // Theatre (New York)

I realize that The Lion King musical is a terribly high creative bar to reach twice, but Disney fails again and again to reinterpret its cartoon source material into worthwhile theatrical productions. …

13 February 2018

Rosemary and Time

By // Theatre (New York)

Jennifer Fell Hayes’ hauntingly beautiful new play Rosemary and Time explores the painful and joyous revelations that a middle-aged woman, Rosemary, makes about her past after a serendipitous meeting with a sister …

28 January 2018

Agnus: A Familiar Dystopia

By // Theatre (New York)

In Ise Lyfe and Matt Werner’s new play Agnus, everything about 2047 feels unnervingly familiar. A soothing artificial intelligence called “Sequoyah” relays information upon command, screen-obsessed citizens are stirred into fervors …

21 January 2018

SpongeBob SquarePants on Broadway

By // Theatre (New York)

He lives in a pineapple under the sea and now that pineapple has come to Broadway. The new Broadway musical SpongeBob SquarePants is perhaps the best musical that it could be given …

10 December 2017

Greencard Wedding – Music from a Distance

By // Theatre (New York)

Traversing the complexities of long-distance relationships, the United States immigration system…

07 November 2017

Dark Comedy in The House on Poe Street

By // Theatre (New York)

New Yorkers have a strong affinity for Halloween festivities, with the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade drawing spectators from around the world annually. Come the end of October, New York City …

25 October 2017

Glassheart: A Modern Tale as Old as Time

By // Theatre (New York)

Fractured fairy tales. Re-imagined classics. Call them what you will but traditional fairy tales have been reincarnated again and again through various mediums. They have been parodied, merchandised by the …

20 September 2017

Revelations In a Little Room

By // Theatre (New York)

Hospital waiting rooms are emotional places. On a daily basis, they are the scenes of both great grief and great joy as humans celebrate new life and renewed chances at …

03 September 2017

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

By // Theatre (London)

One afternoon in 1998, the awkward 12 year-old that was me trudged home from middle school to discover a gift sitting on the table. A children’s librarian had recommended that …

22 June 2017

Romeo & Juliet: A Mangled Classic

By // Theatre (London)

Adorning Shakespeare’s Globe theatre’s ornate and columned stage loom two large blackened missiles directed toward the soggy groundlings who are fighting the rainy elements on the day of this performance. …

27 April 2017

The 2016 MyTheatre Award Winners: New York

By // Theatre (New York)

As a group of new plays and musicals toss open their doors this Spring to welcome NYC theatergoers into the new worlds that their artists have collaboratively crafted, it is …

04 April 2017

Don Juan in Soho: A Modernized Classic

By // Theatre (London)

The name Don Juan may be a culturally synonymous with a seductive womanizer,* but Don Juan in Soho, while replete with lewd acts and general promiscuity, is more than merely …

05 March 2017

Nominee Interview Series: Sophia Anne Caruso

By // Theatre (New York)

Before we announce the winners of the 2016 MyTheatre Awards, we’re proud to present our annual Nominee Interview Series. Despite her young age (15), Sophia Anne Caruso has developed a diverse and …

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