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09 August 2013

The Wealth of The Trees

By // Books

I work with books. Working at the public library exposes me to a wide range of topics and genres. This can be a little overwhelming at times, especially for a …

19 May 2013

What Ever Happened to Margaret Yang?

By // Cinema

When I first saw Rushmore, alone at the Franklin Mall AMC Cinema 6, it was both an effort to ditch my Friday afternoon Intro to Philosophy class and a need …

28 April 2013

Season Wrap Up: The Walking Dead

By // TV

There was a lot of build up to the recent Walking Dead season three finale. We’ve been waiting for this showdown since the show returned for the second half. I’m sure the …

01 April 2013

Piscine and the Argonods

By // Cinema

I made a concerted effort to see all of the films nominated for Best Picture before the Oscar ceremony. This effort was made difficult by the Academy in recent years …

30 March 2013

Walking Dead 3/24/13 “This Sorrowful Life”

By // TV

I guess we knew some sort of Merle redemption episode was on its way. I had hoped it would be part of something greater, like Merle’s little redemption story in …

23 March 2013

Walking Dead 3/17/13 “Prey”

By // TV

So, were you wondering what happened to Tyreese and his group? Sure, we saw them join up with the Woodbury crew, but they’ve remained unseen for a few episodes. Tonight, …

16 March 2013

Walking Dead 3/10/13 “Arrow on the Doorpost”

By // TV

The most recent episode has the Governor and Rick meeting for a showdown in a dingy barn. At first, I was expecting a few pithy comments, a quick draw, and …

13 March 2013

Our Favourites: If I Had to Pick Five…

By // Cinema

Nothing says over-reaching pretension quite like a top 5 list of my all-time favorite movies, right? First of all, I’ve likely seen about 2,893 movies in my lifetime, so to …

09 March 2013

Walking Dead 3/3/13 “Clear”

By // TV

AMC’s lovable band of zombie slayers got a slight reprieve in this week’s episode fittingly named ‘Clear.’ Rick, Carl, and Michonne headed out of the prison for a daytrip to …

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